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Rookies are always a puzzle. Some come into the league "pro ready" and come out of the gate strong. Others, need some time to get their bearings. And some just never get there during their rookie campaign. At the bottom of this page is a listing of NBA rookies and queryable stats through the current season. You can adjust the parameters, choose which positions to view, and choose whether to show all players or not. In fantasy leagues (especially "keeper" leagues) knowing which rookies seem to be "coming on strong" can be valuable. With this information you might just be able to snatch up a budding young star before anyone else even realizes what is happening. However, rookies are notoriously "flaky" in that one moment they are allstars and the next they are all hype so you have to be careful, be patient, and do you homework. This tool should help you study your rookie options and make informed decisions.

Note: Prior to the NBA Season starting the "measuring sticks" will be empty, but you will still be able to view the rookie listing as well as their profiles by clicking on their names. While the season is in progress you can see how this years rookies stack up to the previous exceptional rookies.

Rookie Measuring Sticks

Here are some previous Rookie of the Year Winners and their stats for a comparable timeframe. What we did was we figured out how many days we are into the current NBA season. Then for each of the players we went and got their games played in 'x' days. This lets you compare rookies who have played in the NBA for essentially the same amount of games / days.

And This year's rookies

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Follow this link to see the list of previous NBA basketball rookie of the year winners.
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