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Let your voice be heard! Check out our fantasy basketball player position eligibility vote. Cast your vote for what positions you think each player should be eligible and help shape the fantasy basketball world. Realtime results will be available in the coming days. We'll keep the voting open indefinitely so the results are always fresh.

You can vote without being logged in if you want, but if you create an account some there are some advantages. One is that you will no longer have to enter the Captcha Security code (you will have to enter it every 5 votes if not logged in). Also, we try to reward our users with access for premium tools based on their levels of participation. If you are logged in then your responses work in your favor. Please create an account and give us a try. You won't be disappointed.

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For each position below choose the value that best represents what you think about whether the player SHOULD have fantasy eligibility at that position.

PG (Point Guard)
SG (Shooting Guard)
SF (Small / Shooting Forward)
PF (Power Forward)
C (Center)

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Please take a moment to vote for position eligibility. Your votes will help us to know what the fantasy basketball community as a whole believes the position eligibility of each NBA player should be. We intend to make these results visible to all in the coming days.

Each time you vote a new player vote page will automatically be generated. You may quit voting and go another page on the site whenever you choose. We appreciate any time you take to vote!

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