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Fantasy Basketball Rankings - Distance from Average

Fantasy Basketball Rankings - Distance from Average

This tool will rank players based on the stats you select. It rates them using a a "Distance from Average" type algorithm. Basically the average of all the stats for all the players is calculated. Then a player's distance from the average is computed by subtracting the average stat value from the player's stat value. If the distance is positive, the player is "better than average" by the distance that was computed. Then sum up all of the distances (for all of the stats) to determine how much "better than average" (or "worse than average") the player actually is. The higher the total distance is from the average the better the player is deemed to be. Turnovers (TOS) and personal foulds (PF) are negative stats and are subtracted rather than added when calculating a players rank.

Note: Changing the StatType parameter has no affect on the actual ranks of the players. If you set it to 'distances' it shows you how the ratings were calculated (ie. how much better or worse each player was compared to the average). If you just want to see the stats for each player then you should choose 'average' instead.

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