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Mozgov, Timofey (cle) Sore ankle 2017-04-22
Durant, Kevin (gsw) Left calf strain 2017-04-18
McCollum, C.J. (por) Sprained right ankle 2017-04-18
Oubre Jr., Kelly (was) Bruised knee 2017-04-17
Smith, Jason (orl) Left knee contusion 2017-04-17
Gobert, Rudy (uth) Hyperextended left knee 2017-04-16
Mahinmi, Ian (ind) Strained calf 2017-04-15
Allen, Tony (mem) Strained right calf 2017-04-13
Harris, Gary (den) Sore knee 2017-04-12
Saric, Dario (phi) Sore left heel 2017-04-12
Acy, Quincy (sac) Sore left ankle 2017-04-10
Barnes, Matt (mem) Sprained right ankle and foot 2017-04-10
Looney, Kevon (gsw) Strained left hip 2017-04-10
Mudiay, Emmanuel (den) Sprained right ankle 2017-04-10
Neto, Raul (uth) Sprained right ankle 2017-04-10
Udrih, Beno (mia) Sprained right knee 2017-04-10
Walker, Kemba (cha) Sore left knee 2017-04-10
Faried, Kenneth (den) Sore back 2017-04-09
Belinelli, Marco (sac) Strained finger 2017-04-08
Davis, Anthony (nor) Sore left knee 2017-04-08
Cousins, DeMarcus (sac) Sore Achilles 2017-04-06
Nelson, Jameer (den) Strained right calf 2017-04-06
Porzingis, Kristaps (nyk) Sore back 2017-04-06
Babbitt, Luke (nor) Strained right hip flexor 2017-04-05
Kilpatrick, Sean (nor) Tight left hamstring 2017-04-05
Dekker, Sam (hou) Broken hand 2017-04-03
Curry, Seth (sac) Sore shoulder 2017-03-31
Nurkic, Jusuf (den) Right leg fibular fracture 2017-03-31
Zubac, Ivica (lal) Sprained right ankle 2017-03-31
Barton, Will (den) Sore left foot 2017-03-30
Covington, Robert (phi) Torn meniscus 2017-03-30
Rivers, Austin (lac) Sore hamstring 2017-03-30
Rose, Derrick (chi) Torn meniscus 2017-03-29
Barbosa, Leandro (pho) Sore right hamstring 2017-03-27
Okafor, Jahlil (phi) Sore right knee 2017-03-24
Thomas, Lance (nyk) Sore right hip 2017-03-23
Green, Jeff (mem) Back spasms 2017-03-22
Harris, Joe (cle) Sore shoulder 2017-03-18
Waiters, Dion (okc) Left ankle sprain 2017-03-18
Bjelica, Nemanja (min) Left ankle 2017-03-15
Knight, Brandon (pho) Back spasms 2017-03-15
Parsons, Chandler (dal) Torn left meniscus 2017-03-13
O'Bryant III, Johnny (mil) Sprained right ankle 2017-03-09
Davis, Ed (por) Shoulder surgery 2017-03-01
Asik, Omer (nor) Illness 2017-02-22
Richardson, Malachi (sac) Torn right hamstring 2017-02-21
Parker, Jabari (mil) Sprained left knee 2017-02-08
LaVine, Zach (min) Torn ACL 2017-02-04
Sessions, Ramon (was) Torn meniscus, left knee 2017-02-04
Embiid, Joel (phi) Left knee contusion 2017-01-30
Gay, Rudy (sac) Torn left Achilles 2017-01-19
Winslow, Justise (mia) Sore shoulder 2017-01-01
McRoberts, Josh (mia) Foot stress reaction 2016-12-27
Bayless, Jerryd (mil) Left wrist surgery 2016-11-28
Bosh, Chris (mia) Blood clots 2016-10-24
Ezeli, Festus (gsw) Sore knee 2016-10-24
Pondexter, Quincy (nor) Knee surgery 2016-10-24
Pekovic, Nikola (min) Sore right foot 2016-10-03
Simmons, Ben (phi) Fractured foot 2016-10-01
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