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Fantasy Basketball Team Names
Fantasy Basketball Team Names
Having an in your face, funny team name is part of what makes fantasy basketball fun! Take a look at our list of basketball team name ideas for your fantasy team. We'd love to hear yours and to see how it stacks up to all the others!
Fantasy Team Analyzer
Fantasy Basketball Team Analyzer
This tool will help you easily crunch fantasy relevant statistics for your fantasy teams or any group of NBA players in which you are interested.

Check out our Fantasy Basketball Magic Numbers - Stat Targets to Win Your League article to get an idea of what this tool helps you do.
Multiplayer Compare - Team / Trade Analyzer
Fantasy Basketball Trade Analyzer (or Team Analyzer)
Use this tool to analyze an NBA group of players vs another group of players. Useful for drafting, trade analysis, waiver analysis, and more.
Battle Royale
Battle Royale (A Player Rater)
Choose the stats and filters on which you want the system to rate the players. Each player will compete with every other player. Whoever has the most overall wins for each stat will be rated the highest.
Dist From Average (A Player Rater)
Distance From Average (A Player Rater)
Choose the stats and filters on which you want the system to rate the players. We will determine the average for all players and then put each player against those averages. The more they beat the average, the higher their rating.
NBA Player Compare
Player Compare
Compare one player to any other one player using whatever gametype and daterange filters you prefer.

Player Group Compare
Compare groups of players to other groups of players using whatever gametype and daterange filters you prefer.
Queryable Player Statistics
Queryable Player Statistics
View sortable statistics with the ability to filter by daterange and player position. You can even span multiple seasons and choose include or exclude the preseason and postseason.
NBA Games Matrices
NBA Games Matrices
  • Fantasy Schedule - # times each nba team play per given fantasy game period
  • NBA Team / Times played Day of Week
  • NBA Team / Simultaneous Games with other teams
Colorful test tubes for screening
NBA Player Screener
This tool is makes finding players that meet a collection of criteria easy. Maybe you need someone averaging more than 12.8 pts, more than 4.4 assists, and less than 1.5 turnovers? Well, just enter the desirable value ranges for each stat and this tool will find any matching players for you! Awesome, eh!
Orange basketball players - one doctor, one injured athlete
NBA Injury Report
Check on NBA Player injuries. Sort by injury occurance date or player name. Updated daily.
Vote images - checkbox with check in it
Fantasy Position Vote / Results
vote for what positions you think each player should be eligible and help shape the fantasy basketball world.
Images that shows the word NOOB - rookies are noobs after all
NBA Rookie Watch
See how the NBAs current rookies stack up. Especially useful late in the year when trying to decide who to pick up and hang on to in keeper formats.
Statistical Leaders Top 10
Statistical Leaders
View statistical leaders for each major statistic (and some minor ones). This can also be filtered just like the regular player statistics.
Images that shows the concept of league analyzer
Fantasy Basketball League Analyzer
See how each of the teams in your fantasy league match up against one another ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You can import your league from Yahoo! or manually enter your league details. Either way, once you're league is there, just choose the stats and see how everyone compares. It's very easy to spot weaknesses and identify areas for improvement.
Which Players are being talked about the most
NBA Player Chatter Index
We scour the web for news and other important information. Then we figure out which players are being talked about the most. This tool will tell you the answer to that. You will often be big spikes when players on streaks or right when they get injured (or are soon to come back).
Coach With Clipboard
Fantasy Draft Kit
Fantasy Draft Kit / Auction Kit to help you make the most of the first few weeks of your fantasy basketball season. Updated in real time.
Fantasy Strategy
Fantasy Strategy
Learn strategies and activities to use to win your fantasy basketball league including when the best time actually is to use each idea.
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