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Fantasy Basketball Rankings (NBA)

Realtime fantasy basketball rankings are a must have for fantasy basketball managers. With our tools you can specify your league stats and then to generate customized rankings based on your leagues settings!

Take a look at the descriptions for our various player ranking tools and choose whichever works best for you.

"Distance From Average" Player Rankings

This tool gets fantasy basketball rankings by using a a "Distance from Average" type algorithm. Basically the average of all the stats for all the players is calculated. Then a player's distance from the average is computed by subtracting the average stat value from the player's stat value. If the distance is positive, the player is "better than average" by the distance that was computed. Then sum up all of the distances (for all of the stats) to determine how much "better than average" (or "worse than average") the player actually is. The higher the total distance is from the average the better the player is deemed to be. Turnovers (TOS) and personal foulds (PF) are negative stats and are subtracted rather than added when calculating a players rank. You choose the stats involved so it is customizable to your leagues! [Try it!]

Custom FantPts Rankings (You set the scoring weights)

Our FantPts ranking tool gets fantasy basketball rankings by calculating a single points value (FantPts) for each player. The player with the most points is the highest ranked. You choose how many FantPts each stat is worth and the system takes care of all the calculations! You can even choose the dateranges as well as which positions you want to be included. [Try it!]

"Battle Royale" Player Rankings

Our Battle Royale tool generates fantasy baskeball rankings for nba basketball players by running them through a "battle royale" type tournament where each player is compared to each other player stat by stat. A certain number of points are applied for each "win", a lesser value for "ties" and another even smaller value for losses. The player with the most points is the best player, second most points is second best, and so on. You choose the stats involved so it is customizable to your leagues! [Try it!]

Fantasy Basketball Rookie Rankings

Find out which rookies are performing the best and by how much. This is a great tool for those in keeperleagues you might be thinking about making some moves for "next year". You can use it to see how rookies have done over a given time period or over the whole season. And you can even see how they match up to previous rookie of the year award winners. [Try it!]
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