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Fantasy Basketball League Analyzer

Have you ever wanted to analyze an entire league at once? This tool will help you easily crunch fantasy relevant statistics for your league or any group of player collections in which you are interested. As always, we're interested to hear your comments and suggestions.

If you are interested in analyzing a trade you might use our fantasy trade analyzer instead as it allows you to compare two teams in a little more detail.

NOTE: Only signed in users can use this tool because it makes use of stored "player groups" that you've imported (from yahoo! for example) or created then saved. This prevents you from having to build your groups from scratch every time. Remember, you can also use the same groups in other tools so you only have to create one set and use them in various tools. This is especially useful for those of you who play your fantasy games elsewhere.

If you don't already have an account you can create an account for free in about one minute and start creating your own groups right away.

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Sample output:
Sample output from fantasy basketball league analyzer

Basic Instructions / Overview:
There are 2 listboxes below. The first listbox called "private groups" are the groups you have previously created - either manually or imported from yahoo. This is only possible if you have an account. It's free and quick to get an account and allows you to be able to save your groups after you create them.)

So, after you have your group(s) added to the analysis (you can do just one if you want) and you've set up all of the filters the way you want them then click either one of the "Update Settings / Run analysis" buttons. It will display the results at the bottom of the screen.

The tool is very flexible and will allow you do run all kinds of scenerios. Please let us know if you have any problems or if you think we left something out of our quick explanation.

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