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Draft Kit Introduction

Introduction: How to Use This Draft Guide

The better data you have at your fingertips and the more knowledge you have on the subject matter the better predictions you can make. In fantasy basketball, whoever makes the best predictions wins.

With this online draft kit you can adjust the ranking methods (8-cat, 9-cat, TSNP, EFF), choose players to exclude, view up to date information regarding rosters / transactions, and a whole lot more.

This draft kit is our take on the data that we have available, our past experience in fantasy sports, and our real world knowledge regarding the game of basketball and NBA basketball specifically. We do a substantial amount of number crunching and run a lot of scenarios to try to make the best stat based fantasy basketball draft guide available, but in the end we are just making guesses… educated as they may be. This is why we provide our online tools and other information. In order to maximize the value of this kit you should be sure to make use of our collection of fantasy basketball tools in addition to the data and predictions found in this kit.

As with any tool this draft kit will become more useful as you become familiar with it and learn to use it. Spend some time with it so you can understand what everything means and you'll get far more use from it.

Best of luck!

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