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Fantasy Basketball Draft Kit Preview

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Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide Preview

The SignAndTrade Fantasy Basketball Draft Kit will help you prepare for your drafting and / or free agent auction no matter where you play your fantasy basketball. (SignAndTrade, Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS).

The guide is packed with data and it can even be tweaked by you to match your league settings!

Here are a few screenshots to help you get an idea about what’s in the guide.

This first screenshot is the online table of contents. It should give a feeling for what you're getting.

Need rankings? We got 'em. And you can customize them.
Choose from: 8-category rankings, 9 category rankings, Efficiency Rankings, and TSNP rankings.
Or don't choose. You can choose all of them (or any collection) to get an average. It's up to you.

Another feature included in the draft kit is an all injury team. We list out every player that missed more than 10 games last year, but then we go a step further and tell you how many they missed the year before too (if it was over 10). This gives you a good idea of habitual game missers. They don't collect stats for you if they're on the bench being soft (or hurt).

Our player movement section is very enlightening once you get the hang of it. It will tell you all the players that left the team, all the players that joined the team, and all the players that are remaining from last year. In addtion it will tell you the positions the players are eligible for and how many minutes per game they played. With this information you are able to begin determining which players are going fill in where, which players are going to get opportunities, which players are likely to get their minutes cut, and more. Get to know it and this will be your friend. We have every team broken down like this and it is "real time" so if a trade occurs, it will be reflected in the kit as soon we update our own systems.

It's always a good idea to keep in mind that certain players are coming off of injuries. Some are even coming off of an offseason that they spent rehabbing from surgery. It's true that some will recover fully, but many will never be 100% percent again and most won't even be close to it their first year back. Because it is so easy to forget during the 5 months between the end of the regular season and the start of training camp this section includes a list of the injury list as is looked towards the end of last season. It provides you the information you need to decide which players might be worth moving down in your rankings based on their health status.

There are also a lot of items not included in the screen shots, and we know it will be worth it to you to get this draft kit. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

I want to buy it!
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