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Features of SignAndTrade Fantasy Basketball offers an extensive collection of features for all types of users INCLUDING those that choose to play their games at some other provider such as Yahoo! or ESPN, etc. While we would love everyone to play our games we know not everyone is willing to try out a new provider (or simply have no need to do so). That's okay. If you don't play your games at SignAndTrade, we still have a lot to offer. Any one who plays fantasy basketball of any kind should definitely check out our growing collections of fantasy basketball tools. They WILL make you a better general manager. We are committed to providing what fantasy sports players want so if you have ideas let us know. You can also send us ideas using the feedback link at the bottom of all of the pages.

An abbreviated list of the features we offer are listed below. To get a better understanding of all we have to offer create a free account and try us out. It costs you nothing to create an account and take a look around.

We want our site to be where people interested in sports / fantasy sports come to hang out with others who have similar interests. We also want our games to be easy. No commissioner wants to be a slave to the league and we try to provide the tools that make it so you don't have to be. The features we list below describe the features of our hosted league games as well as a listing of our fantasy basketball tools.

Free Account and Profile
- This account can be linked to multiple teams and leagues. 
- Customizable privacy levels. You get to decide which parts of your profile are viewable.

Fantasy Basketball Tools
- RookieWatch
- Player Raters
- Trade calculators
- Team analyzers
- Injury reports
- Queryable stats
- Draft kits
- Schedule Matrices
- Details NBA Player profiles
- and more

"In League" Message Center
- Exchange private messages with the other owners in your league(s)

Commissioner Tools Suite
- Change league settings (league name, password, number of players per team, positions to play, more...)
- Allow for more than one commissioner in a league
- Invite owners
- Private Constitution [A customizable page that allows you to specify rules for your league other than those that SignAndTrade enforces (eg. entry fee, how the pot will be split, etc).
- League Announcement Tool so you can post leaguewide announcements
- Ability to lock rosters of owners when needed
- Adjust bidding options
- Adjust salary cap options
- Contract Management
- League voting tool (in progress)

Optional Salary Cap Enforcement
- If your league wants to enforce a salary cap. It's built right in to everything except the draft.
- If you don't want to use a salary cap, that's cool too.Just set the salarycap REALLY high and it will never come into play. Or you can set all of the players' salaries to $0.

Player Research Page
- View player stats for specified date range
- Sort by any stat we capture
- Search by last name

Long term contracts
- Sign players to long term deals (1,2, or 3 years) and start your dynasty.
- View all teams contracts, their current "spend", and the historic contracts for the league.
- Commissioners, you have a tool to change any team's contract terms with their players!

Free Agent Bidding system 
- Can be used to replace the draft altogether or simply to make free agency interesting.
- Commissioner has the option to show or hid bidder names while bids are still open

Commissioner option to enable owners to have more than one team in a league
- It is an option.

Trade Suite
- Multi team trade capable (make a single trade including as many teams as you want)
- Includes a calculator that before / after views of all the teams involved including salary cap ramifications
- Abilty to save trades without actually offering (build a trade and come back to it later)

Team Transfers to new Owners
- Helps eliminate the possibility of having teams in the league that are not being played.
- Teams can be transferred via a simple process without involving the commish  if done voluntarily.
- In a pay league, SignAndTrade can step in and transfer a team if an owner has not logged in for a prolonged time and has also not preset their lineup. These will be handed on a case by case basis. We understand nobody likes a dead team in their league.

Web based realtime drafting tool
- You don't need anything extra. Not even Java.
- Abiltiy to prerank your players
- Commissioner can set date and time of draft
- Commissioner can also set amount of time per pick (hours, minutes, or seconds - default 90 seconds)
- Autodraft will intervene if an owner is not present or takes too long

Options for Head-To-Head competition game lengths
- 2 to 3 day games (Approx 40 games per year)
- 7 day games

Customizable scoring system based on calculated Fantasy Points (FantPts) per player
- You define how many FantPts each stat is worth - Each player brings their owner a single number score and the sum of all players scores is the teams score.

Playoff series capable
- For leagues that choose the 2-3 day games. Each round is a best 3 out of 5.
- Leagues that choose weeklong games have the normal 1 game playoff series.

Daily Scoring
- All leagues recieve FREE daily scoring updates
- Live scoring will be available for the 2008-2009 basketball season as an addon.

SignAndTrade Articles
- News about the site including upcoming or recently released features.
- Check out the FAQs
- Read and respond to submissions made by some of our selfproclaimed fantasy experts

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