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Fantasy Basketball Strategy Guide

Preface - What is this book?

This book is meant to make people into better fantasy sports managers. That's pretty much the entire summary in a nutshell. I want you to be a pro at fantasy basketball or whatever fantasy sport you play. I’ve tried to keep this information as generic as possible so the information can be applied to multiple sports, and happily, a very large portion of the content is applicable to other fantasy sports genres including fantasy football, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc.

This is the web version of a book I wrote and published a few year ago and as I've thought of updates I make them here. In the next section of the book, the intro, you'll see a pretty rendering of the book and you can order a copy from there. It helps support the site so I encourage it, but it's not required. Everything is included in this web version.

Part of the goal of this book is to give you a solid foundation and to describe the “how” and “why” of what it takes to play fantasy basketball at a high level. I’m not saying you have to plan to go “pro” and make fantasy sports your means of paying your rent (though you might). What I am saying is that you’ll know more about this stuff than almost everyone else when you’ve consumed everything in these pages. You’ll also perform better once you start applying what we talk about. You’ll be able to spot your own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll go from knowing that you need to improve your game to knowing exactly what parts of it you need to improve and you’ll get tips for exactly how to make some of those improvements right away. This books is written with the intent of help you to realize and maximize your own skill, knowledge, creativity, mathematical, and optimization prowess in the realm of fantasy basketball.

What does it mean to be a true professional and to perform at a high level? Let’s say you do general carpentry for a living. A decent carpenter is just that – decent. And anyone who puts in a little bit of effort can become decent. Heck, even I can knock a nail into two boards to make them stick together and cut a straight-ish line with a circular saw. But we’re talking about being a pro here. Some carpenters are far and away better than decent. They know all the tricks – they’re the ones you want when you have a job that needs doing. They pull up the jobsite ready to work. They’ve got the latest and greatest tools and they’re very skilled with them. Their tool boxes are organized and they’re not wasting time fumbling about. They read up on new techniques and stay up-to-date on best practices. I’m not talking about staying within “building code”... you don’t really have an option there if you want to stay in business long. I’m talking about doing your thing better than the other guy because you know what needs to be done and you know the best ways to do it. They’ll pick up little tips and tricks that may allow them to get jobs completed more quickly and with less flaws. This allows them to get in an extra job here and there. All of this leads to extra dollars in the bank at the end of the month! Those extra dollars are extra “wins” for the carpenter!

All other things being equal the more skilled you are at something and the more knowledgeable you are about it the better you perform at it. This is true in fantasy sports too. Knowing about fantasy sports tactics and the available tools can make you a better manager. Practicing using those tools can improve your skill with them and give you new ideas about how they can be used to help you win your leagues! It is my hope that as you read this book you will be entertained, you’ll get a new feel for what you can do better, and you’ll take away some information that will improve your own fantasy sports skills. The whole idea is for you to get a few extra wins each year… extra wins and extra opportunities for extra smack talk.

I’ve spent over a decade creating fantasy basketball tools and making them available via the website, but I don’t want this book to come across as an advertisement for the site. You can decide which automated tools, if any, to use in managing your teams - almost all of the calculating and analysis tasks discussed in this book can be done with a pencil and paper or your own excel files! Towards the end of the book I spend one chapter talking about some of the tools I’ve created with the intention of letting you know some of what it “out there” and to make your job as a general manager easier.

Intended Audience

If your interest in this book is in taking your fantasy basketball skills to the next level then I might as well have written this book to you personally! As you likely know, fantasy basketball is a lot of fun, but it actually takes quite a bit of skill and effort to be great. This book will help you know when and where to focus your efforts and how to best tweak your own approach to team management in order to fit your personal strengths / weakness. This book will also be useful for those who are just getting in to fantasy basketball. It will save new managers countless hours (and errors) and minimize many of the mistakes that are made by newcomers. Many of these mistakes are made by everyone (like in the Matrix - everyone falls the first time), but with this book you won’t actually have to make some of those first timer goofs. If you’re just getting started in fantasy basketball you’ll probably read it and play a season and then read it again and get a whole different set of takeaways. That’s okay. There’s a lot of information to try to absorb and apply right away. However, it will substantially shrink the total learning curve for any fantasy manager and have your performing far better, far faster than if you had to rely on only your own experiences to get better.

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