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You're here because you want the best in fantasy basketball tools and information to provide an edge to help you win your leagues. SignAndTrade's fantasy basketball premium offerings are the best and they will help you win your leagues with less hassle. Honestly, we can't do it for it you, but we offer an array of tools that will enable you to analyze more data, more effectively - and that means more wins for you. And, in case you can't tell... we love this stuff! So if you can't find what you need then let us know... we might be able to whip it up for you!


Our memberships open additional functionality on the site and members also receive priority access to the site in times of heavy utilization. Certain levels of memberships also include things like the ability to remove ads, access to our interactive draft kit, a pdf copy of our ebook, a free copy of our iPhone / iPad app, and more. Please check out what our membership options have to offer using our detailed comparison chart .

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Fantasy Basketball Strategy Guide in e-Book format

Fantasy Basketball Strategy eBook (Learn) $4.99 Add to Cart
This is probably the only fantasy basketball strategery guide you'll ever see. You might see strategy guides and they might be good, but strategery is where it's at! This book was written by the guy that created so if you like what the site has to offer you'll definitely be pleased with what the book has to offer, and at $4.99 it's a great buy and great way to support the site!

Don't forget to leave a review wherever you buy it! You can get it at in Kindle format and on Barnes and Noble for the Nook in ePub format. For those of you who have other ereaders you can check it out on Smashwords... it's in basically every format imaginable there! Last it's available on iTunes as well. Thanks to everyone for all their support!

Of course, you can really make our day and buy it directly from our site so we don't have to give a cut to a middle man! It's available in pdf format for immidiate download for only $4.99.
No matter where you get it I know you'll find it interesting and useful!
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