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Top Fantasy Football Names Related to Indianapolis Colts

by ja on 8/3/2014 11:55:58 PM

When the Indianapolis Colts used the first pick of the 1998 NFL Draft on Peyton Manning, little did they know what success he would bring their franchise. Peyton may not have played for the team in the past few seasons, but he is still an iconic figure in the city. The team is built for success even with Andrew Luck leading the way, but for some it isn't the same. The Colts have a solid fan base and an equally large base of people who hate them and / or are now Denver fans. No matter what side of the conversation you are on, here are some of the top fantasy football team names you can use for the Indianapolis Colts upcoming season and beyond. Some of the names are dirty, some are just funny, but they're all a good time... so enjoy!

She Lucks My Fleener
I’ve already mentioned Andrew Luck so I won’t say a whole lot more about him here. He throws pretty good. And there’s a good chance that he’ll be throwing the ball to Coby Fleener whenever he gets a change.

My Fleener Ertz when Eifert
This name mostly comes down to creativity and being funny if childishly goofy kind of way.

My Fleener likes TDs
Now, TDs in this case is certainly meant to stand for something other than touchdowns. But, so is Fleener, so I guess that’s okay. I know that MY Fleener likes TDs and so does my fantasy football team so works for me.

You can Luck my balls
If you’re looking for a dirty fantasy football team name then this one definitely qualifies. It’s got some football terms / lingo AND it mentions a player name. Not too shabby, but maybe to dirty depending on your league.

When it Waynes it Gores
This name obviously works best if you can manage to get Reggie Wayne and Frank Gore. It’s almost an instant classic in that case! If not, it might not work for you, but it’s almost worth planning your draft accordingly and it actually could turn out quite well as both players have magnificent potential.

Are ya feelin Luck-y Punk
I’m not sure exactly what Clint Eastwood would say in fantasy football trash talk. I’m sure Dirty Harry would say something tough though. And it’s a safe bet that this name would qualify as tough talk coming from a team carrying Andrew Luck for the quarterback.

INDYpendently T-Rich
It’s one thing to be rich, it’s another thing to independently rich! With a work horse
like Trent Richardson to help carry the load it’s enough to make you feel pretty well off.

King of the Drews
This is a play on AnDrew Luck’s name. It’s creative and perhaps a little flattering. There was another with a similar nickname (sort of) who managed to earn quite a following in his time.

Havili Favored
Stanley Havili is a full back that may get some goal line work. Either way, when you can declare your team to be the favorite in your match ups it’s always good for both smack talk and an opportunity to prove you’re a true indy fan using a regular level player’s name in your team name.

Better to be Lucky
This is one of those generic and basic names that can be used to show your support to Luck as one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. The current backup in Indy is the veteran Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck spent two seasons with the Tennessee Titans after spending 10 years with the Seattle Seahawks. He is probably one of the most talented and popular backup quarterbacks in the NFL today, and he plays behind one of the most talented starting quarterbacks. Indy’s very fortunate!

Make it Wayne
Reggie Wayne has helped to make the learning process easy for Luck and this team name is related to the Fat Joe song, "Make it Rain."

There you have it! Make sure you check out the Indianapolis Colts section of the site for more team names related to the Colts. If you’re interested in another team, well, we’ve got that too so check it out. Good “Luck” this fantasy season!

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