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Ten Fantasy Football Names Related to Hall of Famers

by jahobs on 6/21/2014 8:00:17 AM

Fantasy football is an activity that continues to attract new followers and players. Many older people looking to enter into their own fantasy leagues may want to name their team after someone they watched growing up.

Deciding on your team name is important for many reasons because it shows your character and personality. If you are a fan of any of these members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, these names may be perfect for your fantasy football team.

I’d Die for Ditka
One time at the old Giants Stadium, I was wearing a Brian Urlacher jersey. On my way to the bathroom, a drunken Giants’ fan stopped me and asked if I would die for Ditka. My answer was obviously yes!

Singletary’s Full Montee
I don’t think anyone forgot that Mike Singletary was the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and at one point, dropped his pants in the locker room to inspire the team. Not sure how well that worked out.

Barry Sanders: G.O.A.T.
When it comes to the greatest player of all time, most people have their own ideas. For many, it is Barry Sanders. He retired at an early age to make sure he would be able to walk when he was older and left many fans wondering how many yards he would have gotten.

Prime Time Every Game
Deion Sanders was the epitome of a showman. He danced and talked all game long, which prompted many people to become fans of his and whatever team he was playing for.

Ridin’ The Night Train
In 1974, Dick “Night Train” Lane was inducted into the Hall of Fame after spending time with the Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Cardinals and Detroit Lions. Country fans know Night Train as a Jason Aldean song, but before Aldean came along, Lane was the only man with that moniker.

Captain Obvious John Madden
John Madden was one of the greatest minds in football when he coached the Oakland Raiders. While he knows the sport better than most, when he was commentating, he was captain obvious with his insider analysis.

Drunken Smooches Are the Best
Joe Namath is in the hall for his great play on the field, but his off field antics get spoken about more, especially his episode with Suzy Kolber where he drunkenly said he wanted to kiss her.

34 For Life
Walter Payton is just like Sanders. Some people think he is the best to ever wear the uniform and many Chicago fans will talk about him as though he still played.

Smith Smith and Smith
Presently, there are three players enshrined in the hall with the last name of Smith. Emmitt Smith is the most well known and popular, while defensive end Bruce Smith is one of the best linemen to play the game. The other Smith is tight end Jackie Smith who had a solid career with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Young Blood
When it comes to lefty quarterbacks, not many have had the same success as Young. The Super Bowl champion has now had as much success as an analyst as he did on the field.

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