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Recent Fantasy Football Team Name Additions Late August 2014

by ja on 8/26/2014 11:21:31 PM

Most Recent Name Additions 8/20/2014

Over the course of the past few days, we have had our fair share of laughs at the office when we see some of the latest fantasy football team names added to the website. Especially in the past few days with Johnny Manziel being benched and two Pittsburgh Steelers players living like Cheech and Chong, we have expected to see an abundance of new names added. What are some of the best new additions to Fantasy Football Team Names?

Bell Caught With Two Blounts. The biggest news of the week in the NFL is the arrest of Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount from the Pittsburgh Steelers. The first and second string running backs were both arrested after a motorcycle officer smelled marijuana as they drove past him.

Scobee and the Gerharts. The Jacksonville Jaguars fans got their thinking caps on and entered this fantasy team name onto the site this week. Josh Scobee is among the best kickers in the sport and Toby Gerhart will be the starting running back for the team after spending the first four seasons of his career as the backup to Minnesota Vikings.

The Weed Curtain. Going back to the drug arrest of Bell and Blount, this fantasy football team name is a variation of their longtime nickname, The Steel Curtain. We know, not the most original, but I like it!

Guardians of the Lombardi. One of the most popular inspiration methods for fantasy team names are movies. One of the hottest movies of the year was Guardians of the Galaxy, and this team name will show the others in your league what your favorite movie was.

2 Bell Cows Down with 1 Blount. This is a team name that was added following the arrest of Bell and Blount, but for me, is too wordy. It’s hard to imagine a name with just seven words taking too long to get to the point, but this one does.

Hawk’n Balls. This fantasy team name made me chuckle a bit. It reminds me of an old Adam Sandler skit I used to listen to on cassette. This is a name that can be used by fans of the Seattle Seahawks and of A.J. Hawk.

Michael Sam Loves Sacks. The football world rejoiced when Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams even after coming out as a homosexual. Then, when he recorded his first sack of the preseason, he made headlines. Put the two together and you get this fantasy name.

Raise the Barr. When an athlete wants to become the best player on the field, they need to raise the bar. The same can be said about fantasy football players that decide to use this fantasy team name, which is loosely based off linebacker Anthony Barr.

Barr Hopping. Another Anthony Barr-themed name is Barr Hopping. It isn’t the most original and isn’t going to be the most popular in the world of fantasy football, but it is still a nice pun.

Rexual Feelings. There are so many things wrong with putting Rex Ryan it the same thought as sexual feelings. They just don’t add up. Regardless, Rexual Feelings is a fantasy name that can be used by any lover of the New York Jets.

Jamaal Up On Your Mom. I think that fantasy football players are a little more advanced today than to use “your mom” jokes, but this is a name that does just that. Use it if you’d like, but you won’t get any laughs out of your fellow managers.

Dr. Gostkowski. This is a name that is categorized as a player name pun, which of course means it is all about Stephen Gostkowski from the New England Patriots. The kicker is one of the best in the league when he is on his game, but last year, that didn’t happen often.

The Joique's in your Hand. The Detroit Lions will be well-represented during the 2014 fantasy football season. Names about Reggie Bush, Matthew Stafford, and Calvin Johnson will be common, but a name like this about backup running back Joique Bell is less common.

MANziel in the Mirror. The man in the mirror that is being called the second string quarterback is Johnny Manziel. Brian Hoyer will be the man for the Cleveland Browns this season, well, at least for week one.

Drinkinfortes and Smokinagraham. A creative name about two of the most popular activities for men in the NFL is featured in this name. Featuring Matt Forte and Jimmy Graham, this fantasy football team name is all about drinking and smoking. Hooray Beer.

The Barrbarians. This name hasn’t become the most popular on our site, but it is another one based off Anthony Barr from the Vikings. If you like it, go ahead and give it a thumbs up and change its standing.

My Bridgewater Broke. Another member of the Minnesota Vikings that will have teams named after him includes rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. The team will hope he isn’t like other mobile quarterbacks that break too easily.

Joique Your Chains. The more I think about it, Joique Bell has more new fantasy team names based off him than the starter, Bush. This name is a pun of the old saying or “yanking your chain.”

Pete Love’s Richards Semen. This vulgar name has one basic and simple meaning. Pete Carroll loves Richard Sherman’s semen. It isn’t original and it isn’t even funny, but then again, this name will be used often by fans of their rivals from San Francisco.

When the Le’Veon Breaks. We have come full circle with the most recent fantasy football team name additions this week. Le’Veon Bell is the man behind this fantasy team name, but with a possible suspension looming, we will have to wait to see when Le’Veon breaks this season.

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