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Fantasy Football Names - Top Tier Wide Receivers of 2014

by ja on 8/12/2014 10:21:03 PM

About 10 years ago, winning fantasy football was only possible if you were able to land two of the top running backs in the league. That is not the case anymore and the emergence of wide receivers that can actually be selected with the first overall pick is what has come from this change. Players like Calvin Johnson are often drafted before the second level of top running backs and in many cases, Megatron is gone with the first pick. The increased respect for wide receivers has also allowed for fantasy football players to use these top level receivers as inspiration for their team names. What are the best?

Note: We've just picked out a few from the site. There are tons more. If you even kind of like these then you'll want to make sure you go looking for your favorite players in the fantasy football tags section.

The Lean Green Machine
A.J. Green is a big reason why Andy Dalton just earned a massive contract from the Cincinnati Bengals. Green is one of the best in the league and is a powerful machine on the football field.

A.J. Greenseers
Any fan of the hit television show Game of Thrones will enjoy this fantasy team name. It can be used by any fantasy player looking to add A.J. or Shonn Greene to their fantasy roster in 2014.

Smoke a Jeffrey
The Chicago Bears have a star in the making on their offense and his name isn’t Jay Cutler. It is Alshon Jeffery. He had more than 1,400 receiving yards a year ago and will look to repeat that performance this season.

Alshon Joffery
Another Game of Thrones related team name also features the Chicago wide receiver. Jeffery is one of the brightest stars at the position and this will be in of about a dozen names this season related to the show.

Boldin the Beautiful
Anquan Boldin had his career rehashed a year ago when he joined the San Francisco 49ers. He may have been coming off a Super Bowl victory, but he wasn’t the No. 1 guy like he was a year ago. This fantasy team name will show off the ability to combine his name with the popular soap opera.

Marshall Decker Band
This is one of those team names that will make other fantasy players try to upend your draft picks. When you name your team after two players like Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, you should know you are setting yourself for an ambush.

Khal-Vin Johnson
When it comes to wide receivers, it doesn’t get much better than Calvin Johnson. The Detroit Lion has all the natural talent to go with his insane football skills. This team name, of course, is another related to Game of Thrones, so if you haven’t seen the show yet, get started soon.

All Hail Megatron
In the fantasy football team name spectrum, this isn’t the most original. It is almost like naming your team Calvin’s World, but hey, who are we to judge. People enjoy using a name like this, but again, it will let other people know where your draft strategy begins.

Two Hands on My Decker
This fantasy team name is on the line of vulgar and hilarious and that is how we like it at Fantasy Football Team Names. Now a New York Jet, Eric Decker will have a chance to bring a title back to the Meadowlands.

Going the Deztance
If the Dallas Cowboys didn’t have an issue with choking when it matters the most, Dez Bryant would be a bigger star. He is already a stud wide out and is known for going the distance 13 times a year ago.

My Percy Dezervs a Pedastal
Any female fantasy football player that is looking to create some conversation in their fantasy league can use this name based off Dez Bryant and Percy Harvin.

Decker Like Rice Dunn
Some of the most popular fantasy football names of the 2014 season are based around Ray Rice and his domestic assault situation. This name used Eric Decker as part of the name, but unlike other names featuring multiple players, your opponents won’t assume that you are going after all the players mentioned.

Keep Calm and Megatron
Another Calvin Johnson-themed name is based off the popular saying, “Keep Calm and Chive.” When you have Megatron in your lineup each day, you will be able to keep calm as your score keeps building.

Johnson & Johnson: A TD Co.
It is ironic that two of the best wide receivers in the sport have the same last name. If you can find a way to get both Andre and Calvin on your team, it will be pretty hard to not win it all.

50 Shades of Greg Jennings
The popular book and soon-to-be movie is the inspiration behind this name featuring Minnesota Vikings wide out, Greg Jennings. This could be a popular name for female fantasy players for many years to come.

Show No Percy
Percy Harvin is a big time star, when he stays healthy. When he is on the field, he shows no Percy and is a threat in the rushing and passing attacks, and is capable of breaking a big play at any moment.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
Same as above here. When Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons is healthy and playing at full, he is one of the best in the sport. Combined with Julio Jones, the duo is one of the most talented and makes it difficult to defenses to stop.

Romo and Juliot
This team name combines Tony Romo and Julio Jones into one, but if you ask me, it would be better as just Romeo and Juliot, but to each their own. Like above, this could create issues with your draft strategy and other players may play keep away on draft day.

The Great Corn Julio
Any fan of the old cartoon, Beavis and Butthead, will recognize and love this fantasy team name. There really aren’t many fantasy names that inspire chuckles, but this is one of the few that does the trick.

Welker on Sunshine
Wes Welker is walking on sunshine if you are using this name. It isn’t the manliest of fantasy names you can use, but that is what makes it so much better.

The White Welkers
Game of Thrones meets Wes Welker who is, to be truthful, very white. It just works!

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