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Fantasy Football Name Additions - Another Round for August 10 2014 - Homeboy Jigawatt Edition

by ja on 8/10/2014 7:18:40 AM

The names keep rolling on in here at Fantasy Football Team Names. Some of them are better than others. Some feature inspiration from the movies or television, while others look to current events, and some are just cool names to use. What are the best recent fantasy football team name additions to consider using for your fantasy team this upcoming season?

Lambeau Leapers
Since the days of Robert Brooks and Mark Chmura, the Lambeau Leap has been something performed in Green Bay after most touchdowns. Today, it’s players like Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley that are doing the leaping, but regardless of who it is, the fans at Lambeau Field love every second.

Dueling Shaq’s
If you studied the 2014 NFL Draft class more than Mel Kiper, you may have noticed that there were two players named Shaq selected. One, Shaq Evans, joined the New York Jets as a wide receiver, while the other, Shaquille Richardson, a cornerback, was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who does better this season will decide the winner of this duel.

Don’t Ask Donnell
The player currently atop the New York Giants depth chart at tight end is Larry Donnell. Last year, as a rookie, Donnell had just three catches, but the Giants will be looking for more from the former Grambling State player.

Brandin Cooks Cajun
In the New Orleans offense, you don’t need to be great to succeed. You just need to be a knowledgeable football player and have some talent. That is what the Saints have with first round wide receiver, Brandin Cooks, who will be leaving his comfort zone on the west coast for some Cajun cuisine.

Michael Sam I Am
The St. Louis Rams selected the former SEC Defensive Player of the Year in the seventh round. He came out as gay before the draft, but Michael Sam will not stop fighting to become an NFL starter. If you have ever read Green Eggs and Ham, you would know part of this fantasy name from the story.

I Dream of Mangini
Eric Mangini has only been on the coaching staff of the San Francisco 49ers for a few months and there are already some fans coming up with names related to the former Cleveland Browns and New York Jets head coach. Anyone that is actually dreaming about Mangini might want to rethink their diet.

Hyde Yo Kidz, Hyde Yo Wife
Carlos Hyde has the perfect name to match up with this fantasy football name concept. I still crack up every time I see this video, so enjoy!

RedBeans&Rice Didn’t Miss Her
Speaking of diet, this fantasy name may have some food choices listed, but the only Rice we’re talking about now is Ray Rice and the only actions in the conversation is his domestic dispute in an elevator. As long as Rice is an NFL player, there will be fantasy names meant to remind him of his issues.

50 Shades of Clay
Clay Matthews has the flowing blonde hair that would make many women envious. If the jacked up linebacker were to appear in the new movie, 50 Shades of Grey, those same women wouldn’t be envious, just happy with the scene. Anything to make the ladies happy, right fellas?

Malaysia Air’s Flying Aces
This is one of those names that use current events as the means for inspiration. It hasn’t been a good year for Malaysia Airlines and this name will be used by anyone looking to inspire a debate or create a stir.

Kaeptain Save a Hoe
Just because Colin Kaepernick rhymes with captain (to an extent), this name makes the list. It isn’t the most creative name in the fantasy football world, but it is better than calling your team John’s Crew.

Make It Happen, Kaeptain
Same as above. There is plenty of time between now and the start of the regular season to come up with a great name. Use your favorite player, movie, television show, or current events, and submit them to us above to be showcased on Fantasy Football Team Names.

Moe Money Moe Problems
What was once known as the greatest show on turf has a new weapon this season. He missed his entire rookie a season ago after tearing his Achilles, and will look to get a chance to shine in 2014.

Too LeBritt To Quit
Kenny Britt has always had the talent to succeed in the NFL. Maybe it was the inept offense in Tennessee or his inability to stay healthy, but he has never been able to even reach 800 yards receiving in a season. Now with the St. Louis Rams, he will look to prove that he is too LeBritt to quit!

3 MCs and 1 D.J.
When it comes to creating your own fantasy football team name, anything goes. This fantasy name can be used if you are a rapper or DJ, but I'm certain that based on the tags used it's real motivation is that it is Beastie Boy based. The Ravens have 3 players with names that begin with "Mc" (Albert McClellan,Michael McAdoo, Pernell McPheeand) one player named DJ (DJ Bryant). This is easily one of the more creative team names we've seen this year!

I Got it Going Like Stacy’s Mom
Another St. Louis Ram that is getting the love from the fantasy world is running back Zac Stacy. As a rookie, he missed being a 1,000 yard rusher by just 27 yards, but still found the end zone seven times and added another 141 yards receiving.

Cutler Your Credit Cards
Jay Cutler will forever be the butt of many jokes, especially by fantasy players. This name though does not speak badly of his inability to fight through injury to play a crucial game or his terrible haircut, it is simply about Cutler(ing) your credit cards. Get it?

Le’Veon a Prayer
Another young and talented running back to get a fantasy team named after him this season is Le’Veon Bell from the Pittsburgh Steelers. He rushed for 860 yards a year ago for eight touchdowns. Of course, this team name is based off the popular Bon Jovi song, “Living on a Prayer.” Don’t know it, check it out now!

Tebow Baggers
Who doesn’t like a little tea bagging. There are so many things wrong but great at the same time about this name. Tim Tebow isn’t even in the league right now, but that won’t stop the hurtful names. Add in the fact that he is extremely religious and the idea of this name might make a church fall on top of you.

Like I Kerrigan
You don’t often see fantasy names related to offensive lineman, but Patrick Kerrigan must have been doing something right to get this honor bestowed on him. Keep up the good work sport.

Somewhere Over the Waynebow
On draft day, it will be a requirement that if you choose this as your fantasy name, you must 1. Draft Reggie Wayne, and 2. Sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” If you don’t, you will have your fantasy rights taken away immediately.

It’s a Hard Knock Rice
Another Ray Rice team name. I’m beginning to think Ray’s bad behavior may have him in a full on competitive race with Aaron Hernandez for the most team names.

1.21 JJ Watts!
Remember the move “Back to the Future”? Well, 1.21 jigawatts (whatever that is) is how much power the time machine needed to work. And it was hard to come by that much power so the doc was a wee bit upset and just kept exclaiming “1 point 21 jigawatts!”. JJ Watts has a bit of power himself so this name is actually a pretty good fit!

And that, fellow fantasy player is the end of this article. If you're interested in finding even more fantasy team names for football season then continue exploring the site. We've only got over a thousand, all categorized and tagged for your convenience. Enjoy!

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