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Another set of Fantasy Football Team Names 08132014

by ja on 8/14/2014 7:11:48 PM

Playing fantasy football is a healthy outlet for many people to get their gambling fix in, while enjoying the sport they will be watching each week anyway. Right around this time of year, leagues are scheduling their drafts, completing mock draft’s reading up on who will struggle and who will break out, and coming up with unique fantasy football team names. What are some of the latest additions to Fantasy Football Team Names?

Two Kickers One Tee
The fantasy football world uses many inspirations to come up with great names. When it comes to this name, the infamous internet video (which I won’t call by name here), was modified. Kickers don’t usually have fantasy teams named after them and this one cover the entire roster of NFL kickers.

Cordarrelle Pat-her-ass-son!
One of the young weapons that Teddy Bridgewater will have in 2014 and beyond is second-year wide receiver, Cordarrelle Patterson. This name features just a minor change to his real last name and can be considered original on many levels.

Michael Sam Covers the TE
This may be a name that can be considered vulgar, but it is to be expected. Michael Sam came out as a homosexual prior to the NFL Draft and this is one of the many team names that will be used in the upcoming season.

Percy on a Pedestal
This is another vulgar-ish name that will inspire many chuckles and complete laughter from the rest of your fantasy league. A lot of female players might use this fantasy name to show the men how they needed to be treated.

A fantasy football team name doesn’t need to unique and hilarious all the time to be successful. This team name is the perfect example. It won’t make other players laugh or anything like that, but it will show off the ultimate goal of fantasy football, winning the title.

Dezed and Confused
Who could forget the Matthew McConaughey movie, Dazed and Confused. The film was never considered to be cinematic gold or anything along those lines, but it was and is a popular cult film. This version of the movie title features Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant.

The Monday Night’s Watchers
For those that love the show Game of Thrones, this is a great name to use in 2014.

You Got That Chief?
Robin Williams, RIP. This is one of the more memorable lines from the movie Good Will Hunting starring Robin Williams. He passed recently and this is a pretty good nod to him in the fantasy football spirit. The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that is suddenly one of the best in the American Football Conference. This is a name that can be used by any fan of the Chiefs and their star players including Jamaal Charles, Alex Smith, and Dwayne Bowe.

Weeden in Gordon’s Piss
By now, most fantasy football managers know that Cleveland Brown wide receiver John Gordon has had his issues with failing drug tests. One of the best players at the position in the sport, Gordon would have been alright if he didn’t have weed in his piss.

Hyde Ya Wife Hyde Ya Husband
Carlos Hyde from the San Francisco 49ers got the preseason start this week and showed great talent. This team name is a perfect example of a name that just inserts the name of a player into a regularly used phrase.

The Brady Tuck Rulers
For as long as Tom Brady is in the NFL and the Oakland Raiders continue to lose like it will get them to the Super Bowl, this is a team name that can be found in fantasy leagues. The tuck rule saved Brady and the Patriots before and could be a perfect way to stick it to the Raider fan in your league.

Ben McAdoo Doo
Scooby Doo is one of the best cartoon animals ever created. When his NFL career is done, New York Giant offensive coordinator will be hoping that people will be talking about his ability to run an offense.

BRB Henandezing
Aaron Hernandez is still one of the most talked about players in the NFL, despite not having played because his arrest in the murder of Odin Lloyd. Even when his guilt or innocence is determined, he will be a popular figure for fantasy league team names.

Tony Stewart Driving School
This is one of those names that require a lot of guts to use. Last weekend, Tony Stewart was involved in a racing incident on a dirt track that left 20-year-old Kevin Ward dead. This fantasy team name makes light of the situation, despite it being the most serious situation that could arise.

500 Days of Plummer
In 2009, the movie 500 Days of Summer was released. In 2006, Jake Plummer retired from the NFL after 10 seasons. This name combines the two and can be used by any fan of the Arizona Cardinals or Denver Broncos.

You See Davis
This team name can be used by any fan of a player named Davis. The most notable Davis playing in the NFL today is tight end, Vernon, from the San Francisco 49ers.

In-GOREious Bastards
Another San Francisco 49ers player to make the cut with a recent fantasy football team name addition is Frank Gore. His backup, Carlos Hyde, made an appearance earlier in this list. The inspiration used for this fantasy name is the hilarious movie, Inglorious Bastards.

Pass the Mike
Much like “You See Davis,” this is a fantasy team name that players can use if their favorite player is named Mike. Whether it is Michael Vick or Mike Williams, passing the Mike with this team name is the way to go. It’s a play on the Beastie Boys song ‘Pass the Mic’.

So Watt cha Want
JJ Watt is one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL. Some would go as far as saying he is one of the best all-around players in the sport and those claims wouldn’t be wrong. This name is another Beastie Boys mix.

Orange is the New Winner
Orange is the New Black is one of the best shows in the world right now. The Netflix original series is a popular show with the fans and the media and this team name can be used by anyone looking to show off their love of the show.

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