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2014 Fantasy Football Names Based on Top Tier NFL Tight Ends

by ja on 8/23/2014 8:36:07 AM

Over the years, players like Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten, and Jimmy Graham have revolutionized the way the tight end position is played. Each year, there are new players at the position entering the NFL, having a major impact, only to struggle later on. When it comes to the most elite tight ends in the sport, there are only just a few that can be relied on at all times. What are some of the best fantasy football team names related to the tight end and its top players?

Gronk if You Wanna See My TDs
He may have had some problems getting on the football field a year ago, but that won’t keep Rob Gronkowski from partying with all his fans. For female fantasy football managers, this is a great name that can be used.

The Big Gronkowski
Another Rob Gronkowski-themed name is this variation of The Big Lebowski. The movie is a classic comedy that starred Jeff Bridges and it fits the tight end so well because he is huge.

Just Messing Witten Ya
When it comes to the top tier tight ends in the NFL, Jason Witten is the one player that has the most fantasy teams named after him. Some are a creative and some are vulgar. Some are just basic changes with common phrases, such as this team name.

Witten Dreams
As we just covered, there are some names that are a bit vulgar and this falls under that category. While it may be considered vulgar, it is also simply hilarious.

Getting Ziggy Witten It
Some of the most creative fantasy football team names use multiple players and with this name, not only is Jason Witten used, Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is also mentioned in the name. Some combinations work better than others, but given the fact that this is also a form of the Will Smith song, “Getting’ Jiggy Wit It.”

And So It Was Witten
And so it was written, so it shall come to pass. This was the line that was used, along with Jason Witten, as the inspiration for this team name. It is a creative name that fans can use, but beware of other managers that will try to draft Witten out from beneath you.

Witteness Protection Program
When a person sees a crime, they often go into the witness protection program. When a fan of the New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles drafts Jason Witten, they must enter the Witteness Protection Program, so other fans don’t know that they sinned and drafted from the enemy.

Witten Up for Bad Behavior
This name has the same back story as the previous entry. If you are a fan of Dallas’ rivals and select Jason Witten in your draft, this is what will happen to you if your other friends find out.

Witten in the Stars
If you are a believer in everything happening for a reason and our futures being pre-determined for us, then you would think that what occurs in our fantasy football lives is already written, or Witten, in the stars.

DeFinley Winning This
Every fantasy football manager needs to have a little confidence when it comes to their team. In the middle of a draft when a food break is made, you want to be that guy that says, “I’m definitely winning this,” or if you drafted Jermichael Finley, can say this team name.

Jimmy Graham is the top tight end in the sport and is one of the most athletically gifted players at the position. With social media popularity increasing with each day, this is one of those names that should gain in popularity.

A Graham of Bowe
When you read this name quickly, you might not notice the drug reference. What you will notice is the use of Jimmy Graham and Dwayne Bowe. If you use this name, you might be a fan of either player or of a little Bowe (or you know what).

Green Eggs & Graham
Whenever you can use a fantasy football team name that is based off a Dr. Seuss book, you know you did well. Even those players that are fans of the Atlanta Falcons will say this is a perfect name to use, as long as you are drafting Jimmy Graham.

The Gates of Hell
Antonio Gates may not be the same player he was when he came into the league in 2003, but the undrafted player from Kent State has still put together a magnificent career. When he was in his prime, he opened the gates of hell on his opponents, easily breaking big runs at will.

Orange Julius
Julius Thomas entered the NFL in 2011, but had his breakout campaign with the Denver Broncos in 2013. He made 65 catches for 788 yards and 12 touchdowns and this name is perfect fantasy players of all ages and experience level.

Aaron’s Got a Gun
Aaron Hernandez’s current legal system woes are well known around the country. He may not be considered an elite tight end anymore unless you are talking about the prison team he plays on, but this is still a name that will likely be used by hundreds of teams.

Another Aaron Hernandez-themed fantasy name is REDRUM Aaron. It isn’t just one alleged murder that Hernandez is being accused of, which makes many wonder why some people who hit it big can’t turn their life around,

Aaron’s Assassins
And we’re back to Aaron Hernandez and teams named after him and his legal issues. Hernandez has gotten a lot of people in trouble because of his actions and at this point, has a mountain to climb to get acquitted of all the charges against him.

Hernandez Busta Kaepernick
Another popular offensive player that has been used for fantasy names is Colin Kaepernick. The quarterback has the perfect name to accompany Hernandez and his legal issues.

Aaron Henandez’s White Bronco
Going back to the 1990s, O.J. Simpson and his infamous white bronco had the world talking. Much like there were people split on his guilt and innocence then, there are those who think Hernandez is innocent of all the charges against him.

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