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20 of the Most Recent Fantasy Football Team Names submitted for 2014

by ja on 8/6/2014 9:57:52 PM

With each passing day, the number of remarkable fantasy football team names for the upcoming 2014 NFL season is growing at a fast pace. A funny fantasy team name will go a long way in most fantasy football leagues and when every manager in the league likes to keep things interesting with their names, it will usually mean that the season will be a lot of fun from start to finish. Each day, some of the best fantasy names are added to Fantasy Football Team Names and here is a look at 20 of the most recent.

It’s a Hard Knock Rice
If you haven’t heard about the Ray Rice debacle with his then-fiancé and now-wife, you haven’t been around a television or football loving people. Rice was suspended for two games this season because of those actions and this is one of a dozen different names you can use if you are a Rice hater.

He Could Go Jamaal The Way
The way Jamaal Charles returned two years ago after tearing his ACL was incredible. He rushed for more than 1,500 yards in 2012 and close to 1,300 a year ago and allowed announcers to say that he could Jamaal the way 12 times.

The Hali Llama
Another Kansas City Chief that makes the list with one of the best fantasy team names is outside linebacker Tamba Hali. He may not act like His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, but that won’t stop some fantasy football players from using this name.

Planet of the Gapes
This may be a fantasy name that only the male players will use because of it can be considered vulgar, but I think there will be a lot of laughs from this name. If you don’t know what gape means, check out the Urban Dictionary definition.

The God of Hits and Fines
Each week, there are major hits that level offensive players that get the attention of the National Football League and their office that instills fines. Over the years, players like Ed Reed and Ndamukong Suh have been the poster boys of NFL fines and in the case of the latter, will continue to be for many years.

Kaepern Crunch
Colin Kaepernick is a major star in the NFL and Cap’n Crunch is one of the best cereals for children. Put the two together and you will get this cool fantasy name.

Pimpin’ Like Jerry Jones
In recent days, Jerry Jones’ name has been used a lot in fantasy names and this is one of the best. Jones is one of the richest owners in the NFL and could be considered the biggest pimp in NFL history. And considering the latest leaked photos of Jerry with two way younger than him ladies it might be true the Jerry is real deal.

50 Shadys of Green
Last week, women everywhere were excited about the release of the trailer for the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. This week, the movie is used as inspiration for this team name that can be used by fans of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Gridiron Throne
One of the most talked about shows on television today is Game of Thrones. The show is also becoming a popular source of fantasy names for the upcoming season, so any fan of the show can use this name to show their allegiance.

Jerry’s Kids
Another Jerry Jones fantasy team name is Jerry’s Kids. The way he treats his players so well, you could say that Jones is very fatherly, which is a good thing if you are on the receiving end of his wealth. Or maybe this is joke about the two revealing pictures of married Jerry with some young women in very provocative poses.

Mike Ditka Jacquizzed All Over
For as long as fantasy football has been around, Mike Ditka has been a key figure in coming up with fantasy names. With this name, we are seeing the combination of Ditka and current Atlanta Falcon backup running back, Jacquizz Rodgers.

Pizza Paea with Julius Peppers
Stephen Paea is a defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears, and a former teammate was Julius Peppers. The latter is better known and popular, but that doesn’t mean that this creative name can’t be used by fans of the team, or the

Green Bay Packers, Peppers’ new team.
McClellin Like a Felon
Another defensive player for the Chicago Bears is Shea McClellin, who will be relied upon a lot in the upcoming season to take over for Julius Peppers.

3 Men and a TD Baby
This is a funny team name that isn’t related to any individual team or player. For some fantasy players, that isn’t going to make this an ideal name, but for others just looking for something creative, this will work.

Edward Fortehands
Matt Forte is a talented running back for the Chicago Bears and Edward Scissorhands was a popular movie starring Johnny Depp. Lucky for fans of the Bears, Forte’s name fits this movie title so well.

Houston, We Have A Defense
One of the biggest jokes in the NFL for the past five years was what the Houston Texans called a defense. Now, with J.J. Watt, Brian Cushing, Jadeveon Clowney, and several other incredible talents, offenses won’t be able to do as they please.

Philip Rivers’ Bolo-Tie
With some fantasy names, creators just try to come up with something unique. This is certainly unique and will inspire conversation.

Andre the Giant
The original Andre the Giant was the professional wrestler that is remembered for being slammed by Hulk Hogan. This name is based off the New York Giants rookie running back, Andre Williams.

Winners Don’t Spiller Wings
There’s a new NFL commercial with NFL players training fantasy league members on how to be winners and on proper etiquette. Apparently not spilling your hot wings is one of the requirements. Then there’s C.J. Spiller who might finally become the man in Buffalo at running back. A year ago, he nearly rushed for 1,000 yards, falling just 67 yards short. There is a lot of talk about Buffalo for the upcoming season and their success will rely on Spiller’s ability to turn into a star.

Patriots Pistol Offense
It isn’t a fantasy football team name list without mention of the New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez, and the gun issues that is currently leaving him on trial. Last year Hernandez and his issues caused him to be the individual with the most team names. It looks to be carrying over to this year.

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