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20 of the Best Team Names for the Girls in Fantasy Football Leagues

by ja on 8/3/2014 11:54:40 PM

Fantasy football isn’t only for the guys anymore. The sport of American football continues to grow in popularity each year, and the number of women watching and cheering on their favorite teams has increased with it. These women have their own rituals they need to complete before each game just like the guys and will scout the opposing team and coach from their couch each Sunday. They don’t stop their love at just watching their favorite team play any more than guys do. They are also reading the injury reports and watching fantasy football related videos online in preparation for their own fantasy football leagues.

Mostly gone are the days of it being rare to have a woman in a league and even more gone are the tame names used by those in those leagues. Novice players might just use a boring or stale name related to their favorite team or player, but the fun loving, competitive players will use an incredibly creative name that will probably leave other players talking all season long.

So what are some quality fantasy NFL team names for the girls? Here's a short list we've compiled from our own site's section. We've linked to that full section on the right and at the bottom of this article for your convenience. Here's some of our favorites and a little description of the motivation of how each probably came to be:

Orange is the New Blackmon
The Netflix exclusive series, Orange is the New Black, and Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, Justin Blackmon, are the inspiration for this unique fantasy football team name. The former is an Emmy nominated show and the latter is currently suspended for violating the league’s drug policy.

Save a Bronco Ride a Cowboy
This semi-vulgar fantasy name is one that can be – and probably will be – used by many female fantasy players this season. The name can be used by female fans of the Dallas Cowboys or simply anyone looking to create a stir in their fantasy league.

Romeo and Juliot
Despite their talented roster of players, the Atlanta Falcons don’t feature many players that are used as fantasy team inspirations. One that can be used for any female Falcon fan is based off Julio Jones.

Va Jay Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler is a talented quarterback that always seems to have his manhood challenged. That is what makes this team name so funny on so many levels. Step your game up Cut!

Legion of Womb
Years ago, the Legion of Doom was a popular tag team in professional wrestling. Today, the Legion of Boom consists of the secondary of the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The Legion of Womb is a team name that needs little explaining.

Diamonds are Gorever
Frank Gore is still a dominant running back despite being 31 and having played in the NFL for nine seasons. That may be the time when some running backs begin to falter, but not Gore. A lady’s best friend is usually diamonds, which make this name have that much more meaning.

Sweet and Sweaty
This fantasy team name doesn’t have anything to do with any player or team, but is 100 percent about the women fantasy players taking over the world. They are sweet and as many male fans hope, sweaty! I freakin' love. this. name!

Just Me and My New Teddy
Teddy Bridgewater is the new man in Minnesota. The former Louisville standout quarterback is the inspiration behind this team name.

My Percy Dezervs a Pedestal!
This name should make any fantasy football player chuckle at first. If it doesn’t, ask a friend and they’ll explain it. It is about two star wide receivers, Percy Harvin and Dez Bryant, but also has another meaning.

I Am Woman, Hear Me Thor
Starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, Thor: The Dark World was a blockbuster movie last year. It was the one bit of inspiration behind this team name, along with the old saying, “I am woman, hear me roar.” A more likely inspiration is that recent Marvel announced that Thor would soon be a woman character rather than a man. Very cool, very different, and fortunately very adaptable to fantasy team name!

I Cam, I Saw, I Conquered
Another fantasy football team name is a pun of another old saying, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers was the man behind this name. Whether he can lead his team to success again this season remains to be seen, but the one thing that is for sure is his ability to be the inspiration for a fantasy football team name.

Gronk if You Wanna See my TDs
Rob Gronkowski is the talented tight end for the New England Patriots that doesn’t know how to dance. What he can do is be the inspiration behind female fantasy football players providing hope for eventually seeing their TDs.

Tickle Me Al-Mo
Alfred Morris is the star running back for the Washington Redskins from Florida Atlantic. He was the secondary inspiration behind this team name and the first is obviously Elmo, the beloved children’s character.

Playing in the Dwayne
Playing in the rain is a thing that is exciting and fun for kids and adults of all ages. That activity can easily have its name changed to include any Dwayne from the NFL including Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, Indianapolis Colts tight end Dwayne Allen, or Jacksonville Jaguar cornerback Dwayne Gratz.

Suh’s Your Daddy Now?
Every time I hear this phrase I think of Angelina Jolie trading licks with Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs Smith and she drops that line on him one time after she decks him... So hot! Ndamukong Suh is the talented defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions that has caused a huge stir since coming into the league in 2010. The former University of Nebraska player has made stuff hard for quarterbacks and easy for fantasy football players.

Naughty by Nurture
Naughty by Nature was one of the premiere hip hop groups of the late 1980s and 1990s. Nurturing is what women do to their kids and for female fantasy football managers, nurturing is what they do each week with their roster moves.

Cleats and Cleavage
You need to have good cleats if you want to be a solid talent on the football field. At your fantasy football draft, as a female, you have the chance to show off your cleavage and distract your fellow managers.

Sacks in the City
When finding the right name to name your fantasy team, many players look towards their favorite movies or television shows. One favorite for many women is Sex in the City, so why not make a minor change at the beginning of that name and use this team name.

Tootsie Sprole
Darren Sproles is now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and will hope to be a major impact player in Chip Kelly’s offense. The tootsie roll is either a small chocolate candy or a dance depending on your age. Simple math with this name.

Trophy Wife
Some men dream about the day when they wake up and see the typical trophy wife next to them. Of course, many men marry quite happily and just having a wife that plays fantasy football and has a sense of humor about the league is a big bump up for them. So if one aspect of being a trophy wife might be being a fantasy football manager, why wouldn’t you want to show case this fantasy team name each weekend? Plus you make your intentions very clear as to how you intend to perform in the league with a little bit of fun trash talk for a team name.

We've got over 100 more of these so if we've managed to whet you're appetite and left you looking for more female themed fantasy team names then head on to that section.

If you've got comments then please share, and if you've got a name suggestion then just add it using the "Add a Team" link at the top of every page! Good luck in your leagues!

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