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19 Recently added Fantasy Football Team Names Added Week 4 August 2014

by ja on 8/30/2014 10:50:20 PM

19 Recently added Fantasy Football Team Names Added Week 4 August 2014

More great names were added to Fantasy Football Team Names since our last update. As always, some of them created some discussion at our headquarters, while others brought on laughter. There were a few we thought weren’t funny at all, but then again, who are we to judge? Anyways, let’s go ahead and check out 19 of the newest names added to Fantasy Football Team Names in the past couple of days.

Pain and Gain by Michael Ray. Just when we thought that maybe the Ray Rice inspired named were dying down a bit, we saw several more get added to the site. With this name, we are looking at the film Pain & Gain, from Michael Bay as inspiration. This wasn’t the most creative name added to the site lately, but it is one that required a bit of knowledge about who directed the Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson film.

You Just Got RAYed Out. Here we are again. Ray Rice will never be able to live down his elevator incident, but then again, why should we let him off the hook. Instead of the old phrase that said, “you just got laid out,” we saw this name simply replace laid with RAYed. It worked!

R U Haden on Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel will not start the first game of the 2014 regular season for the Cleveland Browns. Most people may call that crazy, but others will agree with the decision because they are hating, or Haden (Joe Haden, cornerback for the Browns), on Manziel and what he can do for the team.

Le’Veon Blount Street. Two other players that won’t be able to live down their recent misgivings are Pittsburgh Steelers running backs, Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount. Both players were arrested for marijuana possession and Bell delivered the apparent sound bite of not knowing he could get a DUI for being high.

It’s Not a Dumer. It’s official. Every player can get a fantasy football team named after them. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Elvis Dumervil was used as the inspiration behind this fantasy football team name. It’s not my favorite new name, but it will be used by some Baltimore fan.

Romophobe. Tony Romo has turned into a tremendous quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys. He hasn’t been able to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs in the past three seasons and the team has gone just 24-24 during that time, but he is still loved and hated around the league. This is a name that will be used by the haters.

Big Ben’s Dating Service. This is fantasy football team name that might go back to Ben Roethlisberger and his two separate alleged rape cases. If that is the inspiration, then it goes to show that fantasy players never forget and will always bring up all the negative things a player has ever done.

Don’t be Haden on Josh Gordon. The Cleveland Browns are suddenly a hot team to create fantasy names with. We saw Joe Haden previously and he is once again included in this name, also involving Browns wide receiver, Josh Gordon.

Luck Dez MonT Ballz. This is one of those team names I am not the biggest fan of. This name has an unusual capitalized letter and a “Z” at the end of ball, which only makes me think of Dragon Ball Z. I think it is supposed to include Andrew Luck, Dez Bryant and Montee Ball, but I really can’t tell you for sure.

Punchable Manningface. I think it is a common occurrence that any time a player sees Peyton or Eli Manning, you just want to punch them in the face. That is why this name is so great. It is so true and realistic for many fantasy football players.

ItsTimeItsTimeItsPraterTime. Any old school fan of professional wrestling will remember the larger than life character, Vader. His catchphrase was “It’s Time, It’s Time, It’s Vader Time.” He was a man you didn’t want to fight in an alley, which isn’t necessarily the case of kicker Matt Prater, but it works anyway.

Brees Bayou. This is one of those names that fit the player because of where he plays football, but this is something that can also work on the slowpitch softball field when you hit the ball past the pitcher or through the infield.

The Byrd’s and the Brees. This is a hilarious fantasy football team name that uses the birds and the bees as inspiration. Jarius Byrd, the safety that just signed a six-year deal to play with the New Orleans Saints, and of course, Drew Brees is already on his way to the Hall of Fame in Canton.

Broke Back Romo. It seems that a lot of names revolving around Tony Romo are of the homophobic variety. This is just another one based off the movie, Brokeback Mountain.

The Edelman’s Fitzgerald. This name combines Julian Edelman and Larry Fitzgerald, but for the life of me, I don’t know why. They play for different teams and have no ties to one another, so, um, yeah.

Montee Peyton & The Holy Grail. Using two players from the same team to create a fantasy name is a perfect way to get other people to draft those players before you can. That is the case here with Montee Ball and Peyton Manning from the Denver Broncos.

To Cold Romo Needs His Wittens. The only name to make me chuckle since the last update was this name. We already know Jason Witten is Tony Romo’s safety net, but we never knew that he needed Witten this much. Perfect for any NFC East rival fan, this name is one of the best.

Andy’s to Chiefed to Reid. Andy Reid is the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. That much I know. What exactly this name is saying is a complete other story that I can’t figure out.

Le’Veon Caught Smoking a Blunt. Le’Veon Bell’s arrest and statements to police will be talked about for the rest of the season and as we saw already on this list, will be used as inspiration for many fantasy teams.

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