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10 Recent Fantasy Football Team Name Additions (Sept 2014)

by ja on 9/4/2014 1:49:22 PM

I am so excited! The NFL kickoff game is tonight on NBC and honestly, I don't even care who's playing because, well, IT IS FOOTBALL!!! Actually, I do care a little bit because my fantasy team has Percy Harvin (no shortage of names for him by the way) as one of my starting wide receivers, and I look forward to seeing what he will do as a kick returner this year. We're all looking forward to how our real life favorite teams did in the off season too. But, as much as I'd like to go on about real life football this site is focused on fantasy football and awesome team names ideas. So what are some of the more recent team names we've run across over the last few days?

Michael Sam Sack the Tight End. Another Michael Sam name revolving around his homosexuality is this name. As long as Sam is in the NFL or trying to make it to an NFL squad, he will be the man behind many fantasy names. In my opinion the Sam jokes got kind of tired, but I've seen a couple of funny one's now that he's been signed by Dallas.

B(r)east Mode. Marshawn Lynch unleashed “Beast Mode” several years ago in the NFL playoffs and he will always be remembered for his run that showed up on an earthquake meter. This name is a variation of that term and is a perfect name for female players to use. The strictly male version of Lynch's nickname showed up in a previous article... BeastChode.

Elementary My Dear Watkins. The legendary detective character, Sherlock Holmes, is remembered for saying the line, “Elementary, My Dear Watson.” This fantasy name uses that famous line and replaced it with Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Sammy Watkins.

Roughing the Snapper. Not all fantasy names need to revolve around a player, team, or current event. Some names are simply all about using lingo from the sport and turning it around in some unexpected way. I like it.

Greene Eggs & Graham. Just like we already covered previously, some of the best names are all about using multiple players as inspiration. With this name, fantasy players looking to draft Shonn Greene or Jimmy Graham will have a great name.

Stacy’sMomGotItGoinOn. In 2003, Fountain’s of Wayne released the single, “Stacy’s Mom.” The song became a worldwide hit and along with St. Louis Rams running back Zac Stacy, is the man behind this fantasy football team name.

Demaryius Prime. While many people consider Calvin Johnson, or Optimus Prime, to be the best wide receiver in the league, many others consider Demaryius Thomas to be the man. Instead of being a Transformer, Thomas has the perfect name that already sounds like it would be a movie character.

LeGarrette Smokes Blunts. With the last name of Blount, LeGarrette has been the vocal point of many marijuana-themes fantasy names since coming into the league. Now, since he was arrested along with teammate Le’Veon Bell for marijuana possession, he will always be linked to this incident, as well as his cheap shot against Boise State during his college career.

Go Jordy, It’s Yo Birthday. Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson has turned into one of the best in the sport. This team name is based off Nelson and the popular 50 Cent song from 2003, “In Da Club.”

AK-Forte7s. When your name sounds like Matt Forte’s, it is easy to match it up with many other items including the gun, AK-47. This isn’t a completely original fantasy name, but it is one that I would love to use on my team.

Do you have any ideas for team names? If so, submit them in the comments or better yet add one to the site! It's been a great off season and we look forward to fantasy play beginning. Good luck to everyone!

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