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A little about our audience

Due to the nature of our content (fantasy sports, games, tools, advice) many of our users tend to spend well over 15 minutes per day on the site and average 10+ page views per visit. Our users also tend to be well educated professionals who either are currently in the workforce or are college students. Most have had some college. Our users are competitive and use our tools and information to help them compete. Those who also play their fantasy games with us want a deeply engaging game that "never ends" and that they can expect to be a part of for years to come.

Who should advertise on this site?

Ideal advertisers for SignAndTrade will be those who are targeted towards one of the following:

  • Almost anything sports related (events, clothing, shoes, tickets, news, etc)
  • Sports News / Opinion Sites
  • Gaming (other online games, fantasy games, console games)
  • Health (exercise, fitness, wellness)
  • Social Networks
  • Software applications / tools
  • Professional advisers (tax preparers, lawyers, accountants, insurance)

We have likely missed some categories that would do quite well advertising on so if you don't see the niche you are looking for it doesn't mean you cannot advertise. Those are just basic guidelines.

Who is NOT able to advertise with us?

We try to be as family friendly as possible. Many of our users have families and they check on their teams and news often - including while at home and at work. No one wants to have ads show up in front of their spouse, children, or coworkers that could send the wrong message about the activities in which they are engaged. We've listened to them and understand their concerns and we have rules in place to help prevent problems.

The following types of sites cannot be advertised on
  • No adult oriented explicit material.
  • No "cheating / hookup" sites.

Some ads live in a gray area and will be a decision that will be made on a case by case basis. For these, you can contact us for a quote, but please include the banner / text you wish to use along with the site so can review it before quoting. Examples of these are below:

  • Some dating sites might be okay. Cheating sites, no. Hook up sites, probably not.
  • No gambling related sites.

Some of our advertising offerings

We can help you with most of your advertising needs utilizing our current inventory, but if we don't currently offer what you want we can also create new ad zones.

Currently we sell space of the following types:

  • banner ads of various sizes (specific page - top/rightside/bottom)
  • banner ads of various sizes(most of sitewide - top/rightside/bottom)
  • article ads - you can supply a unique, well written, article and if it is applicable to our users we'll post it in our articles section

Pricing varies depending on page(s) and length/size of advertisement as well as the length of the run. Longer runs are discounted. Our pricing is always flat (not CPM or CPC).

Contact us to buy, get more information, or request space not currently available

Please contact us for a specific quote using the form below. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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