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About, a fantasy sports community offers customizable fantasy basketball leagues and powerful analytical tools fit for those serious about their fantasy sports, but user friendly and intuitive enough for novice fantasy GMs.

Several years ago, a group fantasy sports enthusiasts set out to find a website that would provide all of the necessary services to run a salary cap basketball fantasy league and that also supported keeper leagues or long term contracts. This group wanted to pay for a league (if necessary) and then sit down and set it up however they saw fit. At that time however this simply did not seem to exist. There were some sites that provided one or more parts of the desired services and some that claimed to provide all of the services but were not web based. For users that wanted to set up their league their way on their timeline neither of these types of choices represented an acceptable solution. Based on the frustrations brought about during this search process, was born.

The group outlined a set of rules governing the game they wanted to play and the programming of the first version of the SignAndTrade site began. For the next three years the site was regularly improved upon while also retaining the ability for users to customize the game to how they want to play it. The SignAndTrade website was made public in September 2007.

At the time of this writing offers basketball leagues exclusively. Eventually we may provide a fantasy football option as well, but we are focused on fantasy basketball first and foremost. All of our leagues are customizable in scoring systems (scoring weights), team size, league size, ownership rules, positions played, salary cap or not, salary determination methods, and keeper status just to name a few. It is our desire to make sure that no other site can honestly claim to have the level of customization that SignAndTrade makes available to its users.

This site was born out of our love for the game of basketball and our passion for fantasy sports. We wanted exactly the same thing we intend to give to you. We want you to be able to create your fantasy league as real as you want to make it.

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