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OpponentBoxDate Time (EST)TV NationalTV Local
Atlanta Hawks 04-16-201712:00  
Atlanta Hawks 04-19-201712:00  
@Atlanta Hawks 04-22-201712:00  
@Atlanta Hawks 04-24-201712:00  
Atlanta Hawks 04-26-201712:00  
@Atlanta Hawks 04-28-201712:00  
@Boston Celtics 04-30-201712:00  
@Boston Celtics 05-02-201712:00  
Boston Celtics 05-04-201712:00  
Boston Celtics 05-07-201712:00  
@Boston Celtics 05-10-201712:00  
Boston Celtics 05-12-201712:00  
@Boston Celtics 05-15-201712:00  
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