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Los Angeles Lakers - NBA Team Detail

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Los Angeles Lakers
All Players
Black, Tarik (PF,C) Ellington, Wayne (SG) Landry, Marcus (SF)
Boozer, Carlos (PF) Gadzuric, Dan (C) Lin, Jeremy (PG,SG)
Brooks, Marshon (SG) Harris, Manny (SG) Nash, Steve (PG)
Bryant, Kobe (SG) Henry, Xavier (SG) Price, Ronnie (PG,SG)
Caracter, Derrick (PF) Hill, Jordan (PF) Randle, Julius (PF)
Clarkson, Jordan (PG) Johnson, Wesley (SF) Sacre, Robert (C)
Davis, Ed (PF) Kelly, Ryan (PF) Young, Nick (SG,SF)
Duhon, Chris (PG)
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Stats for members of this team for the most recent 10 days.
Clarkson, Jordan (PG) 16.20005.031.85.813.00.4460.41.20.3334.04.40.9091.
Lin, Jeremy (PG,SG) 17.60005.028.85.812.80.4531.42.80.5004.44.80.9170.
Johnson, Wesley (SF) 8.00005.
Black, Tarik (PF, C,) 12.40005.
Kelly, Ryan (PF) 8.80005.
Ellington, Wayne (SG) 5.40005.
Hill, Jordan (PF) 13.00002.
Boozer, Carlos (PF) This Player has 1 injury notes. 9.50002.
Davis, Ed (PF) 16.40005.
Sacre, Robert (C) 5.00003.
Nash, Steve (PG) 0.00000.
Bryant, Kobe (SG) This Player has 1 injury notes. 0.00000.
Gadzuric, Dan (C) 0.00000.
Duhon, Chris (PG) 0.00000.
Price, Ronnie (PG,SG) This Player has 1 injury notes. 0.00000.
Young, Nick (SG,SF) This Player has 1 injury notes. 0.00000.
Landry, Marcus (SF) 0.00000.
Henry, Xavier (SG) 0.00000.
Caracter, Derrick (PF) 0.00000.
Harris, Manny (SG) 0.00000.
Brooks, Marshon (SG) 0.00000.
Randle, Julius (PF) This Player has 1 injury notes. 0.00000.

Game Schedule (including nationally televised games)

Current and upcoming games
OpponentBoxDate Time (EST)TV NationalTV Local
@Brooklyn Nets 03-29-201515:30  
@Philidelphia 76ers 03-30-201519:00  
New Orleans Hornets 04-01-201522:30  
Portland Trail Blazers 04-03-201522:30  
Los Angeles Clippers 04-05-201521:30  
@Los Angeles Clippers 04-07-201522:30  
@Denver Nuggets 04-08-201521:00  
Minnesota Timberwolves 04-10-201522:30  
Dallas Mavericks 04-12-201521:30  
@Sacramento Kings 04-13-201522:00  
Sacramento Kings 04-15-201522:30  

Previous games
OpponentBoxDate Time (EST)TV NationalTV Local
Houston Rockets View 10-28-201422:30  
@Phoenix Suns View 10-29-201422:00  
Los Angeles Clippers View 10-31-201422:30  
@Golden State Warriors View 11-01-201422:30  
Phoenix Suns View 11-04-201422:30  
Charlotte Bobcats View 11-09-201421:30  
@Memphis Grizzlies View 11-11-201420:00  
@New Orleans Hornets View 11-12-201420:00  
San Antonio Spurs View 11-14-201422:00  
Golden State Warriors View 11-16-201421:30  
@Atlanta Hawks 11-18-201419:30  
@Houston Rockets View 11-19-201421:30  
@Dallas Mavericks View 11-21-201420:30  
Denver Nuggets View 11-23-201421:30  
Memphis Grizzlies View 11-26-201422:30  
Minnesota Timberwolves 11-28-201422:30  
Toronto Raptors View 11-30-201421:30  
@Detroit Pistons View 12-02-201419:30  
@Washington Wizards View 12-03-201419:00  
@Boston Celtics View 12-05-201419:30  
New Orleans Hornets View 12-07-201421:30  
Sacramento Kings View 12-09-201422:30  
@San Antonio Spurs View 12-12-201421:30  
@Minnesota Timberwolves View 12-14-201419:00  
@Indiana Pacers View 12-15-201419:00  
Oklahoma City Thunder View 12-19-201422:30  
@Sacramento Kings View 12-21-201418:00  
Golden State Warriors View 12-23-201422:30  
@Chicago Bulls View 12-25-201420:00  
@Dallas Mavericks View 12-26-201420:30  
Phoenix Suns View 12-28-201421:30  
@Denver Nuggets View 12-30-201421:00  
Memphis Grizzlies View 01-02-201522:30  
Indiana Pacers View 01-04-201521:30  
@Portland Trail Blazers View 01-05-201522:00  
@Los Angeles Clippers View 01-07-201522:30  
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Miami Heat View 01-13-201522:30  
Cleveland Cavaliers View 01-15-201522:30  
@Utah Jazz View 01-16-201521:00  
@Phoenix Suns View 01-19-201522:00  
@New Orleans Hornets View 01-21-201520:00  
@San Antonio Spurs View 01-23-201520:30  
Houston Rockets View 01-25-201521:30  
Washington Wizards View 01-27-201522:30  
Chicago Bulls View 01-29-201522:30  
@New York Knicks View 02-01-201514:00  
@Milwaukee Bucks 02-04-201520:00  
@Orlando Magic 02-06-201519:00  
@Cleveland Cavaliers View 02-08-201515:30  
Denver Nuggets View 02-10-201522:30  
@Portland Trail Blazers View 02-11-201522:00  
Brooklyn Nets View 02-20-201522:30  
Boston Celtics View 02-22-201521:30  
@Utah Jazz View 02-25-201521:00  
Milwaukee Bucks View 02-27-201522:30  
Oklahoma City Thunder View 03-01-201515:30  
@Charlotte Bobcats View 03-03-201519:00  
@Miami Heat View 03-04-201520:00  
@Miami Heat View 03-04-201520:00  
@Memphis Grizzlies View 03-06-201520:00  
Dallas Mavericks View 03-08-201521:30  
Detroit Pistons View 03-10-201522:30  
New York Knicks View 03-12-201522:30  
Atlanta Hawks View 03-15-201521:30  
@Golden State Warriors View 03-16-201522:30  
Utah Jazz View 03-19-201522:30  
Philidelphia 76ers View 03-22-201521:30  
@Oklahoma City Thunder View 03-24-201520:00  
@Minnesota Timberwolves View 03-25-201520:00  
@Minnesota Timberwolves View 03-25-201520:00  
@Minnesota Timberwolves View 03-25-201520:00  
@Toronto Raptors View 03-27-201519:30  
@Toronto Raptors View 03-27-201519:30  
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