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NBA Schedule Matrices Overview

Matrices OverviewShort Games (S&T Specific)Weekly GamesDay Of WeekSimultaneous / Sameday Games
The below matrices can help you with your team building by enabling you to build your team to maximize the number of people played per fantasy game. You'll know which teams play on which days more often, which teams play on the same days as other teams, which weeks are the busiest, and more.

Weekly Games

Shows for any given "fantasy game" (date range) how many times each nba team plays during that date range. You will find this information especially useful when your fantasy playoff time rolls around. Load up on players that play more often in the playoff weeks to increase your chances of winning any close games!

Short Games

This one is specific to the short game schedule. It does the same thing as the weekly schedule matrix.

Days of Week Matrix

This matrix shows how many games are played on each day of the week for each NBA team. It's not hard to get players that play on Friday night. But if you get several that play a lot on Thursday you'll see that you squeeze a extra fantasy points out of your team just because of when they play.

Simultaneous Games

This matrix shows how many times during the season a team plays on the same day as another team. If you have two many guys on your fantasy squad that play on the same nights, you'll have too few players one night and then too many to play the next.
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