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NBA Schedule Matrix - Team Game Counts by Day Of Week

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Games by Day Of Week Matrix

This matrix shows how many games are played on each day of the week for each NBA team. It's not hard to get players that play on Friday night. But if you get several that play a lot on Thursday you'll see that you squeeze a extra fantasy points out of your team just because of when they play.

Days of Week Matrix

Atlanta Hawks121018516156
Boston Celtics108221191111
Brooklyn Nets11917717129
Charlotte Bobcats13820120173
Chicago Bulls15815814157
Cleveland Cavaliers51217419169
Dallas Mavericks101019417148
Denver Nuggets14716718119
Detroit Pistons129200181310
Golden State Warriors812159171011
Houston Rockets11919911167
Indiana Pacers1112173151410
Los Angeles Clippers15421109167
Los Angeles Lakers51712623217
Memphis Grizzlies13819317148
Miami Heat111315812149
Milwaukee Bucks12817614223
Minnesota Timberwolves126211171312
New Orleans Hornets13821019138
New York Knicks109178161012
Oklahoma City Thunder612131215618
Orlando Magic1010211161014
Philidelphia 76ers16418218204
Phoenix Suns91020319813
Portland Trail Blazers1012166131510
Sacramento Kings613171181215
San Antonio Spurs11822714128
Toronto Raptors101019121813
Utah Jazz18516121165
Washington Wizards11920217176
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