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Fantasy Basketball Strategy Guide

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This is probably the only fantasy basketball strategery guide you'll ever see. You might see strategy guides and they might be good, but "strategery" is where it's at! Now, all foolishness aside, this is a strategy guide about fantasy basketball and it is written to help you become a better fantasy basketball player. Drink and Drafting was written by the guy that created so if you like what the site has to offer you'll definitely be pleased with what the book has to offer, and at $4.99 it's a great buy and great way to support the site!

Where can you get it? Well, let me just show you!
Thanks to everyone for all their support! And good luck this fantasy basketball season!

Summary of the book

As you probably know, provides customizable fantasy basketball tools for those who are serious about their fantasy sports. But, offers WAY more than that. I won't get into here because this is about the book, but I mention it here because the book contains some history about the site and how all of what you see here came to be... kinda cool, eh?

In addition to that the book has tons of tips for managing your fantasy basketball league. From how to choose your strategy, how to create your own custom draft kit, how to prepare for the draft, what to watch out for during the draft, and then how to manage your team through the various parts of league play!

Below you'll find a copy of the table of contents of the book. Also, you can view our web sample of the book at our fantasy basketball strategy guide sample site. Go there, read the summary, then click on the samples section at the top and enjoy the free chapter. Then come on back and buy get your own copy!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Let me Introduce Myself

Chapter 2 – Introduction to Fantasy Sports

Chapter 3 – Fantasy Sports Game Formats and League Types

Chapter 4 – Adventure, Knapsacks, and Economics

Chapter 5 – Parts of the Fantasy Sports Season

Chapter 6 – Strategery

Chapter 7 – Pre Draft (Rankings and Recon)

Chapter 8 – Drafting

Chapter 9 – Ongoing Roster and Lineup Management

Chapter 10 – Pre Playoffs and Actual Playoffs

Chapter 11 – Off Season

Chapter 12 – Tools of the Trade

Chapter 13 – Fantasy Etiquette and Advice for Commissioners Conclusion and Contact Information

Good luck to everyone with all of their fantasy basketball leagues! We'll be here to help!
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