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Fantasy Basketball "magic numbers"

Fantasy Basketball "magic numbers"

by ja on 12/31/2008 9:12:31 PM

Okay. First, these are not magic numbers like those to do with baseball. Nope, these are much more important magic numbers. These magic numbers tell you what will almost guarantee you a win in fantasy basketball. I was reading FantasyAddict the other day and came across an article titled Building a Better Squad that did a pretty good job of laying out what it will take to mostly guarantee a league championship. These goals are difficult to attain, but not impossible. The theory here is that if your team as a whole can average the numbers mentioned then you will be very difficult to beat.  Here's a portion of the article:

FG%                .470

FT%                .790

3s                     1.00 per game

Points               17.0 per game

Rebounds         7.0 per game

Assists              4.0 per game

Stl                    Between 1 and 2 per game

Blks                 Between .8 and 1.0 per game

Check your current and past leagues. Had your team posted these stats and done a good job maximizing game limits, I believe you would have finished first 9 times out of 10.

The article goes into a lot of depth about how the author came up with these numbers so you can see he didn't just pull them out of thin air (or anywhere else for that matter). One thing to keep in mind is that these numbers are based on 8-cat roto leagues. However, I tested this against the teams in one of my current head-tohead leagues to see how the numbers would fair in that league. The first place team was pretty close to most of these, and reached on a few but not all (they failed on pts, reb, FG%). However, the ones that they came up short on they came up less short than everyone else. If I built a team that met these marks (or got close) then I would probably end up owning the league. I'm actually working towards this end now... this article did a great job giving me something to shoot for... sometimes you do better shooting for 17 pts per game than you would shooting for "as many points as possible".

You can use our fantasy basketball team analyzer to see how your group stacks up and to determine how trades and roster moves will affect your ability to reach these goals.

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#2 by sirahlst posted on 12/27/2011 9:56:12 PM

great post!

#57 by Anonymous posted on 12/22/2014 5:17:51 AM
is this only for standard 12 team format?
#272 by Frankieyez posted on 12/21/2015 10:12:39 AM
Team analyzer doesn't work. How do you import?

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