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Import your leagues from Yahoo! and crunch them using our fantasy tools

Import your leagues from Yahoo! and crunch them using our fantasy tools

by ja on 8/7/2012 10:56:46 AM

I've been working on some new features over the last couple of months and I'm very pleased to be able to actually announce a few of them.

The first is that logged in users at can now import and save fantasy leagues from Yahoo! fantasy basketball. That's right, you no longer have to manually build your saved player groups to analyze your Yahoo! leagues.

To import a league just log in to your account and on the MemberHome page go to Manage Player Groups. Then click on the "import from Yahoo!" button. Follow the prompts and then happy crunching!

You can use the teams imported in any of our fantasy basketball tools that are "playergroup" based such as the trade analyzer, fantasy team analyzer, schedule analyzer (coming soon), and more.

The second big change I want to mention is that our player details pages have been redesigned. We've added tabs for better organization and faster loading.

One of the changes on the player details pages that you'll want to take advantage of is (here's Kobe Bryant's as an example) the new tab for player comments. This tab will allow logged in users to post comments about NBA players and they will show up directly on that NBA player's page. You can send us messages if you think we missed something, but more importantly you can share valuable information with other users.

There have actually been a lot of other changes and the pipeline is stuffed full with more to come, but I wanted to go ahead and hit the highlights here so you can start taking advantage of these features right away. As always, your suggestions / comments are welcomed and appreciated!

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