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Fantasy Basketball Ramifications of the Lakers and the Princeton Offense

by ja on 8/6/2012 10:51:47 AM

The news broke yesterday that the Lakers are looking to hire Eddie Jordan as an assistant coach and have high hopes that his expertise with the Princeton Offense will help turn things around offensively for the Lakers. I think the change is going to be great. But it is probably going to throw quite a few things for a  loop as far as fantasy player value.

Antawn Jamison has teamed up with the Lakers and lucky for him he also has experience running the Princeton offense under Eddie Jordan when Jordan coached the Washington Wizards. I expect that Jamison's stock will go way up this year. He's a career 45% shooter who only shot 40% last year. The new offense will give him shots that are more open then those he saw last year. His assists could improve dramatically as well because the new offense is all about passing and cutting... he's a decent passer and this new setup will give him a chance to show that off.

Steve Nash will probably get quite a few more three pointers this year because he won't be forced to run everything. There will be times he'll be able to make a cut and see a wide open three where previously teams would not have let him be that open. I don't really see his assists moving a whole lot. He averaged 10.7 last year and his best ever is 11.6... I just don't see him having a career year in assists at this point. He now has a lot better players to pass to, but he won't dominate the offense as much. I think his actual touches will go down and his chances as assists will follow. It's alright though. I think there is enough upside on the 3 pointer category to make the assists he'll give up worth while. He could get back up to a 1.5 or 2.0 3pg player (he was less than 1 last year).

We may see the second coming of Kobe Bryant with this new offense. Kobe just didn't do much last year from a fantasy perspective. He shot an okay 43% from the field, but he shoots so many that even that number actually drags you down. He only shot 30% from three point land. He was down in steals, up in turnovers, and down in blocks as far as his averages were concerned... and that was all playing more minutes then he's averaged over his career. But things are going to get better says I. A lot of his bad shooting percentages was because he was playing under a new coach, in an offense that was new to him and everyone else on the team, and the rest of his team didn't understand Brown's offence. Kobe was forced to shoot buzzer beater type shots on probably 10% of the laker possessions. With the new offence we should see Kobe getting more open looks and more opportunities for assists. It wouldn't surprise me if his scoring stayed pretty close to where it was last year at 28 points a game, but I think his effeciency will skyrocket. He'll be doing it on less shots and we'll see his other stats improve since he won't be having to do it all on offense.

Andrew Bynum will be the odd man out I think. The funny thing about the Princeton is that the Center position is the only position that is not interchangable with all the others on the floor, but at the same time it's not really an offense meant for making use of a great low post player. A player more like Gasol is a much better fit due to his passing and midrange shooting. I'm still taking Bynum in fantasy leagues because the guy is such a beast, but I'm hoping he gets traded to a team that knows and wants to use him.

I was going to comment on Ron Artest (World Peace), but then I looked at it and I hardly even know what to say. I don't see huge overall improvement coming from him under the new offense. I'm going to stay away from him if for no other reason that the following trend in freethrows. Starting in 2008 and going until now here is his free throw percentages:

2008-2009 74.8%
2009-2010 68.8%
2010-2011 67.6%
2011-2012 61.7%

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