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Fantasy Basketball Performances for 03-14-2017

Fantasy Basketball Performances for 03-14-2017

by jarepo on 3/15/2017 3:05:27 AM

Here are the best (and worst) fantasy basketball performances for 03-14-2017. We set the bar pretty high, and for that reason most of the players that show up here are already well known. You can use this to marvel at their greatness! However, any player who is mentioned in a positive way here should gain instant credibility from a fantasy perspective if they are not already on your radar. You don't necessarily need to jump on them and pick them up right way, but they probably should make it to your short list especially if you see them more than a time or two.

Players who got a Double-Double
Paul GeorgePoints(22) Rebounds(10)
Carmelo AnthonyPoints(22) Rebounds(13)
Myles TurnerPoints(17) Rebounds(12)
Guillermo HernangomezRebounds(16) Points(13)
Anthony DavisPoints(15) Rebounds(15)

Players who got a Triple-Double
Russell WestbrookPoints(25) Assists(19) Rebounds(12)
LeBron JamesPoints(16) Assists(12) Rebounds(11)

Scoring: (30 pts or better)

Assists: (12 assists or better)
Russell Westbrook19
LeBron James12

Rebounds: (13 rebounds or better)
Guillermo Hernangomez16
Anthony Davis15
Andre Drummond14
Carmelo Anthony13

Steals: (3 steals or better)
Victor Oladipo4
Draymond Green4
Caris LeVert3
Monta Ellis3
Guillermo Hernangomez3
DeMarcus Cousins3
Jrue Holiday3
Stephen Curry3
Dario Saric3

Blocks: (4 blocks or better)
Draymond Green6
Jahlil Okafor4

Efficiency: (35 eff or better)
Russell Westbrook40

Turnovers: (5 turnovers or more)
Jeff Teague7
Paul George6
Dario Saric6
Russell Westbrook5
Stephen Curry5

Crossing the Line (The Curry line: TO > [AST+STL+BLK])
Jeff TeagueRatio (0.8571) Assists (6) Steals (0) Blocks (0) Turnovers (7)
Spencer DinwiddieRatio (0.6667) Assists (2) Steals (0) Blocks (0) Turnovers (3)
Damian LillardRatio (0.5000) Assists (2) Steals (0) Blocks (0) Turnovers (4)
Brook LopezRatio (0.5000) Assists (0) Steals (1) Blocks (0) Turnovers (2)
Paul GeorgeRatio (0.3333) Assists (2) Steals (0) Blocks (0) Turnovers (6)
Jusuf NurkicRatio (0.0000) Assists (0) Steals (0) Blocks (0) Turnovers (4)
Al-Farouq AminuRatio (0.0000) Assists (0) Steals (0) Blocks (0) Turnovers (2)

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