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Bosh getting love after Heat struggle against Celtics - just an excuse though

by ja on 6/2/2012 10:00:16 PM

The basketball world is a crazy place. Everybody is unpredictable. Players are on fire one day and are just terrible the next. Fans all have an opinion, and it varies from day to day, but they really just want what's best for their team. The media is freaking INSANE, but they think that's what it takes to get the fan's attention so I don't guess I can blame them. It's the playoffs so expect an increase by about a factor of 10 of all the crazy talk. It's to be expected.Somehow though, the talk has gotten so crazy after the Miami loss to Boston in Game 3 the other night, that I'm actually shocked.

This quote is from a piece by Brian Mahoney. Can you believe it?

''Probably the biggest confidence-builder for our basketball team was the mere fact that for the last two years we simply couldn't win without Chris, but we simply couldn't play effectively without Chris. He was our most important player,'' Spoelstra said before the game.

Look, Dywane Wade is just awesome. Lebron James is such a freaking beast right now that there's really nothing else to be said. We can probably all agree that he's getting a few extra trips to the line over what the average player would get, but nobody is even thinking about being as agressive as he is about getting to the rim. That being the case coupled with the fact that he's bigger and stronger and faster than just about everyone else in the league means he's going to get to the line a lot. So we've got Wade and James just dominating, but somehow now the whole series may rest on whether Chris Bosh returns? Please tell me you're not serious!

I won't get into my personal preferences about how this series turns out, but I'll tell you that Miami should be able to shoot about 60% from the field over the remaining games. No one can stop Lebron or Wade with either on the ball defense or even denying them a catch. Wade is a slasher of epic skill and Lebron is figuring it out. With Bradley out there's just no way for Boston to stop both Wade and James other than to get physical and try to get one of them to stop themselves. It worked in Game 3. That's all that happened. Miami didn't "miss Bosh" as nothing really happened in the game that Bosh would have changed. You'd think listening to the media that Bosh was the MVP of the Miami Heat all year. The Heat are even playing up that angle now.  Please just play the game... that picture up there is how the world saw Bosh's relationship with Wade and Lebron just a week ago. Now he's their most important player? Right now he's nothing but an excuse and if the dynamic duo don't get back to attacking, attacking, attacking, then honestly they'd probably be a lot happier to have the excuse of him being injured - because even with him they don't beat Boston much less the Spurs / Thunder without those two guys dominating the painted area.

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#142 by Anonymous posted on 10/10/2015 11:23:34 AM
The Heat are overrated. LeBron has no heart which is why he left clnelvaed. Tim Duncan grew old over night. Without Manu, Tony and Pop he would be exposed even more than he already is.If Bynum stays healthy the Lakers will be tough to beat.
#191 by Anonymous posted on 10/12/2015 12:32:09 PM
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#264 by Anonymous posted on 10/13/2015 9:34:37 AM
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