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Recent updates - sortable columns and league option tweaking

by ja on 7/10/2012 2:43:02 PM

Entire site:

Added column sorting to view player statistics page.

Added column sorting to rookie page.

Updated header to provide for better access to commonly used items.

League Play Area:

Added ability for commish to rename other manager's teams

Added ability for commish to add multiple new teams with one click

Added ability for commish to transfer a team from one user to another... actually the commish can only generate a transfer code. The new user must accept the team by entering the code at which point change of ownership and control will occur. The commish can still take the team away again if they so desire.

Updated the future contracts page to have a dropdown with about 5 years of "future seasons" in it. The user can also choose an "exact date" option which will then prompt them with a text field that they can then enter the date they want to see contracts for.

Updated the team lineup page. You'll see that there's a lot more room now so additional stats (other than / instead of efficiency) can be added


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