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Advanced Fantasy Basketball Tools, Player Rankings, and Analysis provides fantasy basketball tools and leagues fit for those serious about their fantasy sports, but user friendly and intuitive enough for novice fantasy GMs. If fantasy basketball rankings are what you want we've got you covered! In addition to fantasy sports tools for analyzing your fantasy teams and expert analysis of the fantasy landscape we also host our own innovative brand of fantasy basketball. Our messageboard serves as a great place for discussing all things fantasy sports and rounds out our goal of fostering a "fantasy sports community" comprised of sports fans and fantasy sports players.

Here's some of what our users say about our tools. Whether you play your fantasy sports at SignAndTrade or elsewhere SignAndTrade can help you win your league.
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Learn about fantasy basketball even while you're offline! Check out our fantasy basketball strategy guide! Thanks to everyone for all their support! And good luck this fantasy basketball season! Learn more about us.

Use one of our expanding list of fantasy basketball tools to dominate your fantasy basketball league. Make use of our queryable player statistics, trade calculators, player comparisons, real time fantasy basketball player rankings and more. Choose the stat date ranges and make them as wide or as narrow as you need. Stats go back several seasons. These are great resources of fantasy sports information and "self help" for fantasy sports players looking to improve their position. See an expanded listing of some of the tools by expanding the "More Information" bar below or or just go straight to the tools page and give them a spin.

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Queryable Player Statistics (NBA) View sortable statistics with the ability to filter by daterange and player position. You can even span multiple seasons and choose include or exclude the preseason and postseason.
Team / Trade Analyzer Use this tool to analyze an entire group of players vs another group of players. Useful for drafting, trade analysis, waiver analysis, and more.
Fantasy Basketball Rankings We currently have 4 different fantasy basketball player ranking tools for your use. Each one computes the rankings using a different method. You can play around with them and decide which one is the best for you. They're all customizable and rankings are generated for your specific needs.

Custom Fantasy Points Player Rankings - Computes fantasy basketball player rankings by calculating a single Fantasy Points (FantPts) value for each player. The player with the most points is the highest ranked. You choose how many FantPts each stat is worth and the system takes care of all the calculations! You can even choose the dateranges as well as which positions you want to be included.

Distance From Average - Choose the stats and filters on which you want the system to rate the players. We will determine the average for all players and then put each player against those averages. The more they beat the average, the higher their rating.

Battle Royale - Choose the stats and filters on which you want the system to rate the players. Each player will compete with every other player. Whoever has the most overall wins for each stat will be rated the highest.

Rookie Rankings - Find out which rookies are performing the best and by how much. Great for keeperleagues or finding a rookie on wire.

Compare NBA Players Compare one player to any other one player using whatever gametype and daterange filters you prefer.
Statistical Leaders View statistical leaders for each major statistic (and some minor ones). This can also be filtered just like the regular player statistics.
NBA Schedule Matrix View how many games each team plays for a given 'fantasy game period'.

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